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  1. R

    Question Im having to apply pressure to my Crucial M.2 SSD to boot

    Im having to apply pressure to my Crucial M.2 SSD to boot should i replace my SSD, motherboard or both?
  2. elien90

    [SOLVED] SSD not recognized in Device Manager or Disk Management

    Hello… I have a Crucial MX500 2.5 SSD and I wanted to install it as a second storage. It’s 1tb. I know that my motherboard is compatible with it, I tried every sata port, it appears without any trouble in BIOS in any sata port. When I want to initialize it it doesn’t appear in Device manager nor...
  3. elien90

    [SOLVED] How to install a 2.5-inch Crucial MX500 as a second SSD ?

    Hello, hello! I come with another dumb question on this forum (I’m sorry, I am not experienced with PCs): I’ve recently purchased a 1TB Crucial MX500 2.5 ssd and I am planning on installing it as a storage to replace an HDD which died on me extremely quickly, so I thought an SSD would be a...
  4. WinstonChurchill

    Question PC turns on but displays blank screen ?

    I turned on my PC a few days ago and nothing would come up on any of the monitors, the keyboard and mouse don't light up/turn on, and I can't even enter the BIOS menu. All lights and fans turn on, the HDD spins up too, but nothing comes on screen. The EZ Debug LED's show a constant light on the...