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  1. Danilovic00

    Question What do you think about this pc and what would you change?

    Gpu: Rx6700xt Cpu: Intel i5-12400f Mothrboard: Gigabyte H610M S2H Memory: 2x8gb ddr5 5200mhz, cl36 Psu: FSP Hyper 80+ pro 700w SSD: Crucial 1tb p3 plus m.2 Case: Areocool Cylon White and should i go with windows 11 with this motherboard?
  2. F

    Question Crucial® BX500 1TB Randomly Slow Read Speeds

    Hello. This are my specs I9 9990KF Asus Maximus Hero 64Gb Ram 2xWD Blue SDD Sata 2xCrucial BX400 SSD Sata Both crucial drives were bought together. At install they ran perfectly. Then they started slowing down to like 90mbps. Then the problem seemed to go away... The crucial drives randomly...
  3. livelife25

    Question Crucial SSD is not detected in bios dell Optiplex

    I need help getting my computer to detect my NEW ssd. I have 2 new drives and they are both not being detected. They have never worked for me. I have dell optiplex 7020 and I am trying to attach Crucial 1tb ssd mx500 on my windows server 2022. It is not showing up in bios, device manager, nor...
  4. R

    Question Im having to apply pressure to my Crucial M.2 SSD to boot

    Im having to apply pressure to my Crucial M.2 SSD to boot should i replace my SSD, motherboard or both?
  5. elien90

    [SOLVED] SSD not recognized in Device Manager or Disk Management

    Hello… I have a Crucial MX500 2.5 SSD and I wanted to install it as a second storage. It’s 1tb. I know that my motherboard is compatible with it, I tried every sata port, it appears without any trouble in BIOS in any sata port. When I want to initialize it it doesn’t appear in Device manager nor...
  6. elien90

    [SOLVED] How to install a 2.5-inch Crucial MX500 as a second SSD ?

    Hello, hello! I come with another dumb question on this forum (I’m sorry, I am not experienced with PCs): I’ve recently purchased a 1TB Crucial MX500 2.5 ssd and I am planning on installing it as a storage to replace an HDD which died on me extremely quickly, so I thought an SSD would be a...
  7. WinstonChurchill

    Question PC turns on but displays blank screen ?

    I turned on my PC a few days ago and nothing would come up on any of the monitors, the keyboard and mouse don't light up/turn on, and I can't even enter the BIOS menu. All lights and fans turn on, the HDD spins up too, but nothing comes on screen. The EZ Debug LED's show a constant light on the...