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    Question My BX500 SSD is running 100% disk usage.

    Whenever I am booting up my laptop , my desktop freezes and runs unresponive for 5-10 miniutes even when I am using an SSD.
  2. Rohit2469

    [SOLVED] Need help in overclocking RAM!!!! Crucial BASICS ram.

    Hi guys. I need help in overclocking my CRUCIAL BASICS 8GB 2666Mhz CL19 1.2V ram. It's a GREEN PCB, NO HEATSINK ram. I have a ryzen 5 3400G, and since the vram is shared, stability is very important!!!. I want to overclock it to 2933mhz, but Idk how much voltage to change. Also I'm unsure if...
  3. E

    Question thermal take rough ram 3600mhz 16 gb

    I bought these ram's and i want to buy asus rog strix b550-f gaming but in their website i couldnt find the ram in the compatible memory there so i am not sure if i can buy it or not . Can i get some help . the question is if the memory is not there does this mean that it will not work ?
  4. Burnsy69

    Question Crucial 2133mhz OC HELP

    Hello, So I have been wanting to overclock my RAM for a while but am not too smart in that area so I do not want to break anything, I would appreciate help from anyone who could recommend the correct settings to test etc! My setup is as follows Crucial 12GB 4X3 1.2V CL15 (All 3 have same...