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  1. jbrighton

    Question Two different computers no longer booting after installing Corsair RAM kit (even with previous memory!)

    Two years ago I bought an Acer Aspire XC-885 with i5 8400 and 1x 8GB 2666MHz RAM after my previous system stopped working, as I was desperate to get a new computer asap after my old system (which was pretty outdated by then) had stopped working and I was unable to figure out the problem. Because...
  2. S

    whana know if this pieces would match

    Hello first of all i have to say my english is tribe so ... right to the point : i want to build pc and i choosed the pieces already but im not sure if its run greatly because my VGA is 2016 but motherboard and cpu is not , my plan> GTX 1060 motherboard : asus b150 pro gaming cpu ...