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  1. AGGR.

    Question Gen 5 SSD

    Can someone tell if i can put a Gen5 SSD for example the Crucial T700 on my Z690 AORUS ELITE AX ? From what i know supports Gen4 And if i do, will i get the full speed of the T700 ?
  2. G

    Question NVME's Gen5 and 4

    Quick question about the Crucial T700 This is my MB Now I understand that Gen5 SSD's will work in a Gen4 slot and visa versa, But will...
  3. H

    Question Extreme Packet Loss while downloading - Cannot Voice Chat ?

    Motherboard - Asus prime x670e-pro (BIOS VER. 1618) CPU - Ryzen 9 7900x GPU - 4080 FE HDD - Crucial T700 (Issue also happens on my old WD_BLACK SN850) ISP - VZ FIOS 1GBPS UP/DOWN So I wanted to be fancy and get a new PCI.E GEN 5 M.2 since Crucial (who I personally like) released their new...