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  1. banshii

    [SOLVED] My mining rig won’t boot with more than 4/6 cards

    I just built a 6 3069ti mining rig with a z390 a pro motherboard and a i9400f cpu. I have 2 1000w power supplies one by Corsair and the other EVGA. My rig booted fine with 1 card when I first went to go change bios settings and install windows, but when I got to installing the 5th card, the EZ...
  2. swoopeyloopz

    [SOLVED] Can someone help me build a 6 GPU mining rig (excluding the gpus) for 400$?

    Hello i am trying to build my first GPU mining rig (Motherboard, CPU, Ram, Mining frame, Powersupply and GPU risers) for a 6 card build. I was wondering if someone could help me build that for 400$ not including the GPU's. I am newer to crypto mining but have spent months learning the ins and...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] What is the best PCI-E x1 riser cable extender adapter I can buy for a 3rd RTX 3090 that is compatible for my Z390 Godlike motherboard?

    Hello all, I own a Z390 Godlike Motherboard and this is my set up (ZOOM IN): View: I currently have 2 RTX 3090s in the PCI-E lanes 2 + 4 I want to buy a PCI-E x 1 GPU Riser Cable Extender Adapter to put a 3rd RTX 3090 into my PC Something like this...
  4. S

    Question Which part of the GPU is being used when mining crypto currencies? (versus gaming)

    I have a RTX 3090. When I play games on maximum settings. The maximum temperature is 86'C-91'C. When I mine crypto currencies. The maximum temperature is only 76'C. So I assume that when mining cryptocurrencies, the GPU doesnt use some of its components fully as opposed to gaming at 4k. Does...