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  1. Maximus Elwyn

    Foreseeing crypto options surpassing futures and emerging as the driving force, or the "third wave"?

    Are there believers among us who foresee crypto options surpassing futures and emerging as the driving force, or the "third wave," in the crypto industry?
  2. S

    Question Mining with ASRock Phantom RX 570 8GB ?

    Hello guys I am going to ask if any of you have that gpu and know what it is the performance in mining , temps and can it be bios modded too. Because I am thinking of buying 1 or 2 for mining. I searched for nitro versions and other but the price is very expensive on them. What can be the best...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] Lost crypto wallets on partition

    I have a few crypto wallets from 5+ years ago, which I think would be worth something now. Bitcoin, Monero and Dogecoin, and perhaps one more. I had these on my old hard drive, which I migrated to a new hard drive as a new partition. I've been trying to find these wallets a few times but to no...
  4. banshii

    [SOLVED] My mining rig won’t boot with more than 4/6 cards

    I just built a 6 3069ti mining rig with a z390 a pro motherboard and a i9400f cpu. I have 2 1000w power supplies one by Corsair and the other EVGA. My rig booted fine with 1 card when I first went to go change bios settings and install windows, but when I got to installing the 5th card, the EZ...
  5. A

    Question (Budget pc - workstation home office mining low crypto)

    Hi Guys, I hope is the right section for this question. I'm trying to build a low budget pc for work from home (I am a reseller online and I collaborate with some websites + do some mining for the lower crypto. Like Bytecoins etc. I already have a spare a Samsung M.2 SSD 250 GB and I would...
  6. shahzeab

    Playing GTAV PC with my specs, help please?

    I have a custom made pc which has the following specs: 4GB RAM Intel Pentium Dual Core G630 Asus AMD Radeon R7 250X (2GB, GDDR5, PCI Express 3.0) will i be able to run GTA V on any settings possible? im confident about running it however i think my processor is the main problem, please can...
  7. N

    Aftermarket Heatsink help

    I'm not really too well educated with heatsinks and so I need help picking one out. I am using an APU with an FM2 socket and need a heatsink that is 1) Better than the stock, obviously 2) MAX Price $30 I don't really care if it's air or liquid cooling, I am just looking for a pretty cheap but...