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  1. John Barden

    Question New SSD causes delay lag in CS:GO ?

    Hi everyone ,i need someone to help me solve this question because i cant solve it. Recently i just installed a new 256gb SSD. And i download CSGO and run it. It get delay lag everyround in competitive matches but went smoothly in offline mode or workshop mode. Im pretty sure thats not the fps...
  2. cHoNaP

    Question HELP! My PC goes black

    My pc goes black when I get demolished on Rocket League (70% of the times) or when I go through Smokes on CSGO, also being close to them FPS go from +300 to 40 (3 smokes and I'm definitely screwed). If I want to keep playing I have to turn off and turn back on the PC from the PS button My PC...
  3. ardll

    Question My Laptop runs much SLOWER than other Laptops of the SAME system

    My laptop is an ROG GL553VE series but recently it has been dissapointing me. It runs CSGO on 50 fps and frequently drops to 10 or so. It runs DOTA 2 on 30 to 40 fps on lowest settings, not to mention the drops. So i was curious and ran 3d mark time spy to compare the score with others of the...
  4. Karvinen

    [SOLVED] My friend has the exactly same pc, but better fps than i have.

    Hi guys! Sooo my friend has exactly same pc as i do, but more fps than i have. We have i5-9400f, gtx 1660, 1x8gb ram 2666mhz, 258gb ssd. Mostly this problem is in csgo. Other games run very well. I have about 150-240fps in csgo, when he has 250-370fps. He's pc is older. I had it like week ago. I...