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  1. DeMo5h5

    Build Advice I need your advice for upgrading my build

    Hello currently my pc specs are I5 6500 2x4GB RAM hyperx fury Gb b150 mobo Rx580 8gb What is your advice to upgrade for performance i mainly play CSGO My mobo tram speed are 2133mhz and i was thinking to upgrade my mobo to z270 for 3200 mhz speeds and upgrade my ram to 2x8gb 3200 but i...
  2. H

    Turbo boost not working while enabled

    I have Intel i-7 3635qm 2.4 ghz 3.4 boosted and it only goes up to 2.38 ghz no matter what i run. ive been looking everywhere and just can fix it. Someone please help.