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    Question Fps inconsistency

    I got an fps problem on my laptop that I play with on a LG 4k tv 120hz, my specs are decent enough ti deliver at least a 100 fps on 800x600 but still delivers 70 fps on the lowest settings possible My specs are : i5-3337U @ 2.4ghz (unparked all cores) 8gb ddr3 laptop ram at 1600mhz nvidia...
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    Question Constant Stuttering and Low FPS with a Good PC

    Hi, I recently bought a brand new GeForce GT 1030 2GB DDR5 (Overclocked) and a brand new Gigabyte Z97P-D3 MOBO but everytime I try play any game my FPS constantly drops, my ping sky rockets and my game constantly stutters. I have installed all the drivers for the GFX card and have installed all...
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    Intel vs. Ryzen - Rendering/Gaming

    So basically my birthday is in the March, and as most of you know, Ryzen is dropping March 2nd. I had an i3 rig setup that I wanted to build for my birthday, but after checking out Ryzen prices and benchmarks, I was thinking of postponing my build for Ryzen. I know that Intel processors are...
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    Best value cooler for overclocking

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a good value cpu cooler for overclocking An i5 6600k?