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  1. tkahn

    Question HDD SMART errors 197 and 198 count went from 20 to 0 (zero) after wipe and reformatting. Can I use the drive?

    I have a Seagate Barracuda 8T drive (ST8000DM004 ). Yesterday I got a warning from CrystalDiskInfo regarding the SMART parameters: 197 (Current Pending Sector Count) 198 (Uncorrectable Sector Count) It reported a RAW count of 8 for both these parameters. I unmounted the drive and ran chkdsk...
  2. Asibula

    Question current pending sector count increases fast but SMART normal

    Hi, I was using my laptop when I suddenly got a BSOD "UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION". I searched it up and it appears that the reason can be a faulty hard drive. After the laptop rebooted I started to see some clear signs that my HDD was dying: Booting took longer, search bar doesnt work, some...
  3. Ahmed Kader

    Monitor only works if i keep replugging the connector alot.

    So recently my BenQ T2200HD started acting strange, when i turn my pc and it on, it would stay black, so i unplugged and plugged back in the hdmi cable, i saw a image for a split second then it went black, i kept doing that until the image stayed, i thought it was a hdmi issue, so i replaced...
  4. G

    ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme eatx into a Deepcool Genome ROG Certified Edition?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if a Deepcool Genome ROG Certified Edition will be able to house a ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme EATX? I was looking at the measurements, but I have no idea in regards to EATX. Links:
  5. Onus

    Seeking wild hairs (test ideas)

    I've been reviewing mainstream motherboards for a while now (that will continue). I've also gotten to deviate from the more scripted tests the enthusiast-class authors have been using as they look for performance differences among a much more expensive class of product. We all started with the...