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  1. A

    Question Windows 10 Random Restarts

    This will usually happen when I'm playing FFXIV, though it has happened with other games, and once when I was playing no games at all. I'll be playing my game, when suddenly the screen goes black, and windows just starts up again. The only event on the event viewer I can consistently tie to...
  2. smcleod

    Question PC Reboots Randomly

    My PC will randomly reboot without warning or BSOD. This happeneed a couple days after upgrading my Motherboard, RAM and CPU. Sometimes it last 20m and sometimes 10 seconds. Doesnt seem to reboot as fast or at all during power light places such as home screen. Seems like PC is not getting enough...
  3. PurpleJuiceman

    Question Custom PC Randomly shuts off

    My build very randomly crashes and I cant seem to pinpoint why. It doesn't seem to be triggered by anything in particular. My display goes black and a second later says no display detected, but sound continues for 10 seconds after and lighting perferals seem to stay on. Sometime happening 10...
  4. S

    Do I need to uninstall my old gtx 660 drivers when I put in my msi 7950?

    Hello guys just wanted to ask, I have a 660 in my dell xps8700 my 7950 is coming tomarrow and I was wandering do I need to uninstall my geforce drivers when before I take the 660 out and put in the new 7950? Thank you