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    [SOLVED] Building a custom pc, but cant seen to figure out the Front panel connectors!!

    Hello, person passing by i just started building my PC but i cant seem to figure out where to put the front panel connectors. Im using a motherboard that i took from a DELL PRECISION T1500 and i did not think to take a look at the front panel connectors!! so any help on where to place them would...
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    Need help on my first gaming build

    I have been doing research for 3 months now to put the perfect gaming computer together on a budget. And now I wonder if I made the right decision picking these parts and this is my first build EVER so I really could use some help . So should I go for other parts or are these just fine ? BTW my...
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    Pc hanging Please help!

    So few days ago I reinstalled my windows because my pc was being very slow after the reinstall whenever I play games my display just hangs it just freezes not even the mouse move but my cpu and gpu fan keep running then I have to force shutdown . Which part of my pc is faulty my Cpu or Gpu...
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    NVidia Graphics Driver consistently closes for apparently no reason.

    Hey - I recently installed Windows 7 (from Windows Vista; my computer came with Vista and I took a long time to upgrade, obviously), and I've been having troubles when it comes to graphics - in games, especially. I found out that it's because I have no graphics drivers installed, so I tried to...