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  1. S

    Question Can you hook up 1 water pump through 2 x 480mm radiators? Along with connecting with 2 GPUs and 1 CPU?

    Hello all, This is my PC tower: The back of the tower can fit 2 480mm radiators. I plan on buying 2 of these (also, I want to...
  2. gamerbrehdy

    Question Watercooling, still unknown territory for me...

    So I asked this question a few times now, and the awnsers weren't very clear. So I'm going to rephrase the question. I want to buy an AIO, or build a custom loop (both at least 240ml radiators) My pc has the following headers: 1x cpu_fan 2x cha_fan (or chassis fan/case fan) 1 or more 4-pin...
  3. S

    Killer™ E2200 Network

    Alright, basically i just want to find out more about this and if you have it how you can use it/ how it's used. Thanks