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    Question Newly built computer starts, but won't show up on monitor

    Visiontek R9 270x - GPU AMD Athlon x4 860k - CPU Hercules 600w - PSU Kingston Hyperxfury 8GB - RAM WD 500 GB - HDD Asus A68HM-PLUS - Motherboard No matter what I do all the fans power on but it doesn't show anything on the monitor. I have tried resetting the CMOs with removing the...
  2. 9

    Question When i start my pc it reboots after 2 seconds again

    When i start my pc in morning it reboots after 2 seconds and then it works fine for all day. And then the next day when i again power on it reboots after 2 seconds what can resolve this issue. My Pc Specs Are, Processor: AMD ryzen 2700x PowerSupply : corsair vs650 graphics card: GTX 1660 mother...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Heres a curveball for you guys pc build

    okay so to start january 2017 I built a pc components are as listed: MOBO: MSI Krait gaming 3x CPU: i5- 6600k GPU: gtx 1060 6gb Ram: gskill 16 gb 3200 ram PSU: corsair rm550x CPU Cooler: corsair h155i platinum OS Drive: 250gb samsung 850 evo ssd Mass storage (games mods etc): wd black 2TB and...
  4. Skydaz

    [SOLVED] Fuzz Sound at 3.5mm jack

    I just buy a new custom made pc. I used it for 1 week, when playing games i plug in the usb type headphone,so there is no problem at all, but suddenly when i use normal 3.5mm headphone and plug it in at the headphone jack,the headphone produce fuzzy sound like fuuzzzzzzzzzz ,but my usb type...
  5. R

    Question RGB fans flashing unexpectedly

    So I recently bought the Deepcool 5v 3-pin to 12v 4-pin converter for RGB fans. I have 3 Deepcool CF120s installed in my case. When I hooked it up to my mobo (through the converter) the fans in aura sync (in any mode other than static) while cycling colors/going through the effect, randomly...
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    [SOLVED] Custom pc not starting up

    Hi, i recently built my custom pc but it wont start up. I followed a video and it said eliminate each part 1 by 1 to figure out the problem. I found when i unplugged the 8 pin cpu cable everything else would start up fine. So the problem is obviously something with power to cpu. What should i do...
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    [SOLVED] Computer Turns On, then Turns Off, then Turns On Again?

    Hi, Just built a new workstation. And I'm a lil worried about this issue. When I turn on my computer, it turns on, and shuts down immediately, and then turns back on again after couple seconds. Then runs smoothly, without any problem at all. But when it starts, the fans are pretty loud and...
  8. I

    Can i run watch dogs in my PC?

    Hi, My PC specs are CPU:Intel core i5@1.60 GHz GPU:nVidia GeForce 920 M 4 GB vRam Ram:8gb my problem is in system requirements lab after searching for this game when I click on can I run it in downwards it is shown that my CPU and my graphics arent compatible but I'm sure that I can run it
  9. A

    Is this a good fan splitter?

    Hello, I wanna get more fans on my PC but my mobo doesn't have enough fan headers. Can I get this and connect the fans...
  10. E

    My pc is not snappy

    i just upgraded my pc with these specs-->I5 4690K-Z97X-sli-Seasonic 520W-750ti gigabyte-Wdc g 1Tb-8gb hyperx ram but there is just one problem my pc is not quite fast and when i went to play in a netcafe with a friend which their pc's has a i5 4460 and running on integrated graphics with 8 gb of...
  11. L

    How many watts does my computer use?

    Hello again, now I've come to ask what is the watt consumption of my pc I5 4460 Gigabyte Z97 Gaming 3 Gskill Ripjaws 8GB Seagate 1T 7200rpm sata Gigabyte G1 GTX 970 Could you guys give me a total or estimate wattage? Thank You :D
  12. C

    ASUS M5A99FX PRO 2.0 packaging question

    just received this MB from online retailer and product box was not sealed in any way, either with shrink wrap or tape. MB was in static bag and all accessories are present. Just wanting to make sure I didnt receive an open box/used mb - thx for any input