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  1. M

    Question Me (and my computer) need some serious tech help...

    Hi all, So, I have a custom build pc. And it's just not working at all... I'm going to walk through the hardware, the progression of the issue (to the point where the computer is now totally unusable), and all the steps I've tried to fix it. I really hope someone can tell me what to do, since...
  2. V

    Question Gray screen of death when opening windows

    Hi, I recently built a computer from older parts (though I doubt it's anything hardware related) here are the parts 585 watt PSU GTX 960 Core i7 4790 i believe H97M-ITX/ac 2 tb HDD from Lenovo prebuilt 16gb ram And an old blue case my parents call "blue dragon" When i try to start the pc up...
  3. M

    Question System Boots, doesn't load SSD automatically and goes to BIOS

    The system starts then it goes to the bios area and doesn't automatically load SSD. Whenever it loads SSD everything is so slow it just kinda crashes after loading the whole window screen for a minute. ALSO if I stay in the bios area and navigate around it is very very very very slow. I don't...
  4. Walkthrough PC Desk Dodge Charger 1970 Theme [Build Log]

    Hi just wanna share my current Project PC Desk (Computer Inside Desk) Theme - Dodge Charger 1970 [Build Log]
  5. ethan_music11

    Question Black Screen after login for Windows 10

    So this all started when i noticed a game I had downloaded to my PC already (specifically onto my SSD) said it was not installed. I figured this may be a bug on the application itself and decided to restart my computer. However when it booted back up to the login screen for windows 10, after...
  6. C

    Question High Price of Custom Built Gaming PC

    I've always been told that you can build a PC for cheaper than it costs to buy one but when I look up all the relevant parts it seems like it actually cheaper to just buy a pre-built tower. Am I missing something? I can get a pre-built with an RTX 2060 S and an i7 10700KF for under $1,500. An...
  7. T

    Question Directly powering a PC with a 12v battery. Skipping the PSU

    Hello folks. I am hoping for some advice. I'm about to embark on a long vanlife adventure, and want to take my beloved desktop PC with me. From what I understand, PC PSUs output 12v. I'm thinking I'll just directly power the PC with my house battery in the van, skipping the PSU. Does...
  8. N

    Question Custom new build pc keeps turning off when gaming:

    Hello all, This is my first time building a PC and everything was running smoothly, however, the PC now turns off when running games - there is no set interval when this happens, it's random and I have checked forums on here and people seem to be suggesting a number of reasons and I was...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] Why is it that, after unplugging my computer, I have to reboot it twice for it to boot properly?

    Hey guys, This isn't a HUGE issue (as in PC-breaking) but it is annoying. After unplugging my PC (that I built, BTW), it gives me a black screen with white text saying something about selecting a proper boot device, and just sits there. When I reboot it once, it says the same thing. If I reboot...
  10. Telefonmast

    Question Programms start crashing after a few Hours of PC Use

    I already asked this on reddit but i eventually gave up after a week of no answers and i am trying my luck here now. I decided to post this in windows 10 as i was unsure what exactly causes this. So i had this Problem for a good while now. Every time after approx. 6-8 Hours of usage my PC just...
  11. L

    [SOLVED] Custom Gaming Rig

    Looking to get a deceit custom gaming rig (from PC Specialist), and was wondering whether I'd need to change anything in regards to the following setup? Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Eight Core CPU (3.2GHz-4.1GHz/20MB CACHE/AM4) Motherboard: ASUS® PRIME B450-PLUS (DDR4, USB 3.1, 6Gb/s) - RGB...
  12. C

    [SOLVED] What is this Custom Gaming PC worth?

    Hi guys I really need some help. I am trying to sell my gaming PC that I have had for a few years on Facebook and craigs list so that I can build a new one. I feel like I am asking a fair price of $800 for this (Specs below) but I keep getting people on facebook who "build PC's every day"...
  13. R

    Question Custom PC or Laptop

    Do you know any good sites you could recommend that build custom PC and laptops? I know I can google this but, a bit of an outsider to the question, I value an insider view. Thanks!
  14. I

    Question First-time Builder | [Pics attached] Motherboard Lights On But Nothing Else

    Hi there! I've plugged in the CPU/PSU, PCI-E, 24-pin, and 2x SATA power cables to the PSU. I've plugged in the power supply and powered it on, but the only thing that happens is that the lights on the white part of the mobo come on and the green PWR LED on the top right. Neither one of the fans...
  15. P

    [SOLVED] Newly built computer starts, but won't show up on monitor

    Visiontek R9 270x - GPU AMD Athlon x4 860k - CPU Hercules 600w - PSU Kingston Hyperxfury 8GB - RAM WD 500 GB - HDD Asus A68HM-PLUS - Motherboard No matter what I do all the fans power on but it doesn't show anything on the monitor. I have tried resetting the CMOs with removing the...
  16. Ethan K-B

    [SOLVED] I added a second RAM stick to my custom gaming pc and now it is slower than ever

    So I have been having some serious issues with performance of my high end custom gaming pc where everything is slow and i am getting around 2kb/s speed when copying and pasting files internally. Today I bought a second RAM stick (same model) and put it in and now my computer is running slower...
  17. M

    Question New custom build says reboot and says select proper boot device

    Hey person scrolling, I’m trying to install windows 10 I have changed the boot device and all that, still shows same I don’t know what to do😭😭
  18. J

    Question I have built a new pc and I can’t boot Into windows

    I have built a new pc and every time I try to boot into windows, it says: “Windows has failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem: Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer. Choose your language in settings, and then click...
  19. The Blue Infinite

    Question My Custom PC keeps freezing

    Specs: Ryzen 5 1600 Nvidia geforce gtx 1070 ti Seasonic 660 w power supply G skills 16gb ddr4 ram So I built this computer last year. Now suddenly I had problems with it being stuck at boot and giving me dr debug codes. So I reset cmos, and now its freezing on desktops after a few minutes. I'm...
  20. C

    Question New PC build freezes randomly

    Hello, About 3 months ago, I built my first PC - didn't encounter any problems, everything went really smooth. However, I've had this isue for about 3 weeks where my PC randomly decides to freeze. Sometimes it only freezes for some seconds then gets back on track, but other times I have to...