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    [SOLVED] 10700k customization

    Hello everyone. Just start with my new 10700k with asus z490 prime-a motherboard, and need some advices how to fully use cpu potential. Do i need to change any settings in bios? I don't want to overlock but want to use all 5100mhz when playing games.
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    Question How to change the icon of the system folder

    I've been fruitlessly trying to find a way to change the icon of the Windows folder on the C: drive. It's just bothering me personally that i could customize all the other folder icons, but the Windows folder remains a plain default thing, even though that should be the most distinct as it is...
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    GPU usage is low in a few games

    I have ok gpu usage in r6 siege 80-95% and like 90%cpu usage because *cough* optimised game. But, the fps is OK. I get 30-50% GPU usage in CSGO and in gta5 like 50%. In fortnite, usually getting 95-99% and when I look at cities, like tilted towers I get 50%! Any fixes for this???