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  1. BK4

    Question Computer randomly black screens, sound cuts off, keyboard & mouse lights go off and later come on, computer still on

    Hello, so I have this problem with my computer for almost a year now which I still don't know how to fix at all... I'll try to describe my problem in detail. This mostly and randomly happens when I'm playing a game or watching Twitch livestream, although I noticed during which games it crashes...
  2. A

    Question Weird line in the middle of the screen

    View: Right in the middle of the screen as you can see there is a weird line that cuts my monitor in half. I move a text file so you can see that line better. It disappears if I restart my pc and it appears randomly. What can I do?
  3. B

    Dead Motherboard or Cpu

    To start I built my pc last year with these specs.1 Intel i3 4160 (might be slightly off, don't have original box) 2 Gigabyte h81m-s2ph 3 hyper x 8gb (1 stick) 4 Diablo tec 700w psu 5 pny 750ti. Later the GPU was changed to a 970, eventualy I wanted to upgrade my cpu. So i got a fx 6300 and...
  4. M

    CPU overheating ?!!

    for the past month the processor has been overheating like crazy the CPU fan goes to 100% over 25% CPU usage and it's not because the fan is set to that but because at 30% the CPU goes to over 55 degree Celsius and i think the fan in good condition the one thing i can think of is that the...
  5. T

    7870 video card

    so i got a amd card for xmas but idk how to download the drivers. and my gpu usage is low never goes above 50 in any game