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    [SOLVED] Is a Cx 650 enough for a RTX 3070 ti + x570 mobo?

    Hello, guys! I hope you're all alright and safe. I'm willing to upgrade some of my stuff. Currently, I have a Ryzen 5 2600, A b350 Gaming 3, GTX 1080, 2 SATA SSDs, and 2 HDDs plus 32 GBS ram (it was a gift, lol). Everything is powered by a Cx650. I'm about to get a new card. I'm willing to go...
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    Question Power Supply for 5700xt and 3600x

    Hello Everyone. I am coming to an end on my journey to build a pc. I will be buying a power supply and it will finally be over. As most of you might be familiar with, I am well off my budget and have a little room for PSU. A huge majority of the youtube videos about PSU's proved to be useless as...
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    [SOLVED] Should my PSU fan spin as soon as it starts?

    Hi, Ive been having issues with my first build, it has never posted, kept on boot looping (turning on for 5 sec then back off repeated infinitely) I had returned my ram, mobo, and now ive wondered if it was the PSU, I tried plugging in a fan hub with nothing in the system besides the psu and new...
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    [SOLVED] Will CX650 run a 2080ti card?

    Hi will my current pc set with the Corsair PSU CX650 run the new 2080ti cards? I was thinking of buying either the NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX™ 2080 TI or MSI V371-088R GRAPHICS CARD GEFORCE RTX 2080 TI 11 GB GDDR6 My currents pc set up is below an I purely run sim racing games in VR only. MOBO: MSI...