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  1. K

    Question Dead PSU?

    Hi Everyone, I recently moved and at my old place I had a living room pc and my regular gaming pc. I wanted to swap the two from each cases as one of them hangs on the wall and I needed that to save space on my desk. When rebuilding the living room pc into the new case I dropped a screw into...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Can the B360 M support RTX 3080?

    Also can a CX750 run the system? Also is the B360 M motherboard compatible with the 10th Gen Intel Processors?
  3. K

    Question Power Supply for 5700xt and 3600x

    Hello Everyone. I am coming to an end on my journey to build a pc. I will be buying a power supply and it will finally be over. As most of you might be familiar with, I am well off my budget and have a little room for PSU. A huge majority of the youtube videos about PSU's proved to be useless as...
  4. Jlg823

    [SOLVED] Corsair CX750m for RTX 2080 Super?

    I've know a few people using this power supply, so the question for me is not whether it works or should I do it, it's about the 6+2 PCIE connector. The RTX 2080 Super of course has two 8 pins. Now, should I use the ONE wire which splits into TWO 6+2 Pins for the GPU or should I plug in another...
  5. S

    Question CX750 newer model good?

    So here is the deal. I am building a PC and I got a deal during the holidays on a CX750 so thinking of future proofing I jumped on the higher wattage and I had heard good things about it. I also saw build videos by some popular Youtube PC guys that used the CX650M so I was like ok cool. I just...
  6. O

    Question RX 5700xt restarting system while gaming.

    Recently got the Gigabyte version of the RX 5700xt, which ran smoothly for the first few days of usage, however for the past two or so days I've been experiencing random crashes/restarts while gaming. I've looked into it and found that people tend to have this problem with the current power...
  7. J

    Question Best motherboard for Corsair CX750

    Hi all, I recently had to upgrade my PSU as my other one fried, but the one I bought is not compatible with my current stock motherboard. I was wondering if anyone can post some suggestions of motherboards comparable with the Corsair CX750 PSU (preferably £50-100) Many thanks!
  8. H

    [SOLVED] Corsair CX 750 with 2x PowerColor Red Devil RX 580

    My friend gave me two PowerColor Red Devil RX 580 8GB graphics cards and I was wondering if my CX 750 power supply could run them both for maybe half a year or so till I get a better one? Motherboard: Asrock 890FX Deluxe 4 Cpu: phenom ii x6 1055t 125w Ram: 4x4 ddr3 Hard drives: 4 western...
  9. salerhino

    Power supply problem?

    Hello community of Tom's hardware! I am begging for your help! I got new used PC with these specs: Intel i7-920 Sapphire HD7870 GHz edition (Dual-X fans) MSI X58 Platinum 4GB Kingston RAM 1333MHz (which works on lower clock it seems) 400 W Chieftec PSU (14A and 15A on 12V1 i 12V2 and exact...
  10. B

    i5 Graphic Card

    What in your guys opinion is the best graphics card that works best with the i5 4460?
  11. O

    £550-£600 Gaming PC Build

    I need a pc that I will use for gaming and recording, editing and rendering. I don't need an OS, or an SSD since I have them already. However, I need a 1080p monitor, keyboard and mouse (and the pc parts obviously). I don't mind AMD, Intel or Nvidia. Thanks,
  12. L

    ask about bottleneck pls ...

    I want to build my new computer... Spec : Proc : i5-4460 Motherboard : H81M VGA : GTX 960 4GB or R9 380 Can you guys tell me what must I replace or just keep going with my build? Someone tell me to change H81M with B85.. Thank you anyway..