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  1. S

    Question Cyber Monday or Black Friday Week

    Cyber Monday or Black Friday Week Should I buy my computer and monitor the week of Black Friday or risk waiting until Cyber Monday? Deals start the week of Black Friday. If I wait until the last second on Cyber Monday maybe I will save an extra $100. Any experience in this?
  2. D

    Question What Laptop to pick?

    Hey everyone I'm currently in the market for a laptop and can't decide on which one to pick? I'm planning on getting it either Black Friday or Cyber Monday as there will be a lot of deals on laptops around that time. The main use for this laptop will be school work(I'm a 2nd-year Computer...
  3. M

    Question Need 4KTV Recommendations

    I will possibly buy a new 4KTV this upcoming Black Friday or Cyber Monday. However, I am not a TV expert. Although my intention is to look at TVs in person before making a decision, I would appreciate recommendations on TV models. The only brand I am ruling out is Samsung due to past issues...
  4. I

    [SOLVED] Need help building PC with Black Friday Sales Coming Up/

    So like, I have a budget of 2000 aud for everything in the PC and a monitor, chair?(not essential), case, and also, i have to use wifi not ethernet so a motherboard that uses wifi would be good. im hoping to be able to run AAA titles easily with at least 60fps on 1440p. with that said I have...
  5. urbina.christian123

    Question CPU and GPU! I need help choosing!

    PC: Motherboard: Asus M32C4-k (FCLGA 1151 socket) Ram: 2x8 DDR4 2400mhz PSU: EVGA 500w (or possibly higher, I don't remember) HDD: 1 TB (is always at C:100% , don't know why) *Yes, I've tried to fix SSD: Samsung 860 EVO (500 GB) Cpu Cooler: Stock Intel cooler Monitor: Sceptre 24' 144hz *Parts...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] Are Early Black Friday Deals Worth It?

    Hi, First off I am relatively new to Black Friday shopping so I am looking for some seasoned veterans out there to share some of there wisdom and experience on the matter. I was planning on waiting until Black Friday to buy all of the components I need at a discounted price, but as I'm sure...
  7. I

    Just completed a build, having fps drop issues

    So I just built a new PC I will list my specs below: Asus Strix B250H Mobo 16GB DDR4 G-SKILL Ripjaws ram i7-7700 3.60GHz Geforce GTX 1070 now prior to this, this build had an i5 in it and I swapped over to the i7, and went from a 1060 to a 1070, so these are parts from another build that I...
  8. K

    Do I need to format my HDD if I upgrade amd a6-6400k to athlon x4-870k? with the same socket?

    Do I need to format my HDD if I upgrade amd a6-6400k to athlon x4-870k? with the same socket?
  9. H

    HD beeping, not recognized by

    I have a Seagate Barracuda 1Tb HD. It has worked fine for almost 2 years in its external enclosure. Then it suddenly doesn't show up in my computer, and it's clicking. I took the plat off of the HD, and now it beeps 5 times, repeatedly, and still is not 'seen' by my comp. any ideas would be...
  10. F

    Should I upgrade my CPU or GPU

    Hello everyone. I want to upgrade my PC but I don't know what to upgrade first, my CPU or GPU. My CPU is an AMD A6-6400K. And my GPU is an AMD Sapphire 240 4gb. What do you guys think? Any answer is appreciated
  11. paranoidtie

    Looking for the right fan adapter

    Hey everyone. I'm having an issue connecting my fans to my motherboard... Basically I have four fans that need powering. my heatsink fan and 3 case fans. Two of the fans are 3 pin and the other two are 4 pin. Unfortunately my motherboard only has two 4 pin ports, one labeled cpu fan and the...
  12. R

    Pc died randomly

    Pc died wont turn back on psu fine mobo?
  13. R

    Linux overworking Processor

    problem, I bought a laptop to install linux. it has a good processor,core 2 quad, good memory, 4gb and a good hard drive. I installed zorin and everytime i run it, the fan in my processor is non-stop and there was alot of heat. the other day I put the original drive into the laptop with...
  14. M

    Skyrim CTD no error?

    What the hell is going in? My Skyrim crashes to the desktop after about an hours playing. Then when I try to play again, it crashes at the same spot as last time. Just outside of Riverwood, on way to Helgen. I am running some mods, an enb and Skyre. Here is my load order: Skyrim.esm Update.esm...
  15. I

    Installing a New hard drive and windows 8.1. Won't load the disk.

    So I put a new hard drive in my computer along with windows 8.1 but in the BIOS all that is showing up is the hard drive not the CD rom to load off the windows disk, am I doing something wrong? It's what I did when I built it. Maybe it's different can someone guide me in the right direction?
  16. M

    PC freezing at random

    My specs are : CPU : AMD Athlon 7750+ Black Edition Dual Core 2.7Ghz RAM : 2GB DDR2 GPU : ATI Radeon 6750HD OS : Windows 8.1 At the beginning I had a warning message , "Display driver stopped working" the display would just go black and a couple of seconds later everything would go normal ...
  17. M

    Need help deciding on a new laptop

    I'm basically form between these three laptops and would like some opinions on which is the best option 1) 2)...
  18. O

    Duel GPU advice?

    Curious if my PC can handle duel gpu's? If not, what would I need to upgrade? Also, would these particular gpu's run all games max? Specs: CPU: Vishera AMD 8-Core GPU: MSI R7 260X Motherboard: (Didn't know how to sort the name.)...
  19. TheSnakeRocks

    Worth the Extra Money?

    Hey everyone :) So I'm building a computer soon, and if the 800 series isn't out by the time i finally get to building/ordering, or if it's out of my price range, I'm thinking of going with a GTX 780. Now my question is, would it be worth it to spend the extra $100~ for the 6Gb version or...