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  1. TheFlash1300

    Question How to check if there is malicious activity on a Wi-Fi network?

    Hello. There is a person who freely shares his internet connection (he consciously chose to not put a password on his Wi-Fi network). When i asked him if i can connect, the person said yes, he also said he intentionally has no password, so people, who don't have Wi-Fi networks, can use his...
  2. TheFlash1300

    Question What software does "Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry" collect information about?

    Does Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry collect information only about the files related to Windows 10, or about all files and applications that exist on the SSD or the HDD? I have privacy concerns. I have some sensitive information recorded in .txt files, and I'm afraid that Microsoft can steal...
  3. TheFlash1300

    Question Can the main system get infected, if the OS on virtual machine or on the USB flash drive gets infected?

    Hi. So, if i install Linux Mint on a USB flash drive, connect the USB flash drive to my Windows 10 laptop, start surfing dangerous websites and Linux Mint gets infected with a virus, could Linux pass the virus to Windows through the USB port? If yes, what component will get infected, the BIOS or...
  4. TheFlash1300

    Question Can there be a virus in an empty storage device?

    Can a virus be hidden in an empty store, and then infects my files when I paste them into the storage device? For example, if I paste an infected file into my USB flash drive, can the virus be a type that hides in the USB, and becomes invisible and undetectable, meaning that if I delete the...
  5. TheFlash1300

    Question Security with absolute certainty ?

    I have very important files on my laptop , and I want to keep them safe from viruses and ransomware that can encrypt them and steal them from me. I have several back-ups, but I'm still paranoid. My question, is how to have absolute certainty that my laptop definitely doesn't have viruses? As...
  6. Eggz

    Question Security - Employer IP Phone at Home

    Hi All, I know about hardware but I have a major blind spot when it comes to data security in networking, so I need some guru advice and hope you can help. With Covid, I've been working from home for almost a year now. Just today, my job said we need to connect an IP phone to our home...