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  1. D

    Question Brand new CyberPower 540W UPS - shutting off with a load of 415W

    I bought a brand new CP900EPFCLCD and let it charge for 24hours, and tested it on my PC (nothing else plugged in). With a load of 100W, it works fine. However, if I run a GPU benchmark to get it up to 415W, the UPS just shuts off with an F02 error, saying "Overload", despite the fact the little...
  2. Stereodactyl

    Question Can UPS and air conditioner be connected in the same duplex outlet?

    I've been wondering if it's safe to plug an 1500VA/900W UPS in the same outlet as the 5000 BTU window air conditioner is connected in a duplex receptacle. Can that affect the connected appliances/devices in some way if they're both running? Living with a power grid of 120V/60Hz and having 2...