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  1. Bullet_Science

    Discussion ExpressVPN CIO faces fines for spying on human rights activists and journalists and now has to share info with FBI

    Intriguing news at the cybersecurity industry: This week, the gov of the United States Department of Justice released the news that former U.S intelligence agents face fines for using their authority and information to spy on human rights activists and journalists. One of them is Daniel...
  2. Sega97

    [SOLVED] HP EliteBook 8470P or HP EliteBook 8560w for cyber security?

    I'm currently studying Cyber Security and wanted to buy a computer, as i can't work with my Toshiba (i3-2328m 2.2 Ghz, 4gb Ram) and i have found 2 used laptops for ~$236 each (converted from our currency). Please help me decide which one is for me (I have to work with VirtualBox and run multiple...
  3. Molon Labe

    Question Laptop Suggestions - Under $1200

    Enrolled in Cybersecurity program for school. Finished cyber security fundamentals and starting ccna 1 & 2, at home casually taking a kali course by Joseph Delgadillo. (Great YT course) When it comes to virtualization, I know that RAM is more of a factor closely followed by CPU/core counts...
  4. J

    HP 15-n019wm upgrades

    I have a HP Pavilion laptop or HP 15-n019wm i was wondering if there are an hardware upgrades i could make to it make it better for gaming and for multitasking. Thanks.
  5. D

    900 euro pc for 3d programs and cad programs (3dmax,archicad etc) and gaming

    i would like to build a pc (only desktop-tower) with a budget of 900-950 max euros for design with 3d programs and gaming. i would prefer a intel i7 4790 k and a card nvidia gtx 960 or 750? i dont know much so i thought i should ask. i think its difficult to build a good pc containing both good...