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  1. K

    Question D Drive Disappeared

    My D drive is a partition and suddenly disappeared when I force closed the epic games launcher. I can't find it in my disk manager even after rescanning. I personally know little to nothing about this whole thing so I have no idea how to fix it either. anyone know how to fix this?
  2. J

    XFX GTR RX480 8gb "crashing"

    Specs: MSI B350 Tomahawk AMD Ryzen 7 1700 XFX Radeon 480 8GB 2x8 gb Cosair Vengance ddr4 3200MHz Problem: Hey i have this problem where i cant play PUBG Fortnite og CSGO with out my pc "crash" or my screens go on lose signal and go on standby mode. Thanks for you time and if you find a way to...
  3. H

    Random drop FPS on every game on laptop. Please help ( lenovo ideapad 510-15ISK)

    My laptop can run game normal before. But for 1, 2 months lately, when i play game it alway random drop fps for few mins or few second. it so annoying. Please help me . Here is my pc specs : 12GB Ram, Nvidia GTX 940MX, intel core i7-6500U, any reply or help from you will be very appreciated (...
  4. M

    CPU stuck in overclock?

    So I have the i7-8700k and it should be running at a speed of 3,7GHz. I once clicked the OC Genie button in my BIOS which overclocked it to 4,7GHz. Later I turned it off but the overclock itself seems to still be there, now I'm panicing because my CPU's very hot (100 degrees Celsius and 60...
  5. M

    overclocking a msi GeForce gtx 950

    I wanna overclock it but I've never used afterburner before and don't really know what to put up. Or how far to go with it . Was kinda hoping someone has overclocked there's amd could give me some tips . I have a amd fx 8350 16 g ram Msi gtx 950 750 psu
  6. veepulbb

    CPU How much is too much

    I just build a rig with a 4690k proccy and 8gb ram. I was amazed with its speed and snappiness especially since i jumped directly from a C2D. As time passed, i realised that the snappiness is most probably due to using an SSD than a HDD on my old C2D. I intended to use the 4690k for gaming but...