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  1. Stefmz

    Question Fiio shady driver?

    So I have a Fiio Q1 MkII DAC and it's awesome and it works seamlessly with my iPad but I want to try it on my PC however because it's Windows I need a driver. And the official Fiio driver is available however the instructions look shady as heck. First of all not only it's a Chinese driver which...
  2. HarryGRGamer

    Question (5.1) USB Sound-Card vs PCIE Sound-Card

    Hello! So I have some old-ish LG speakers a subwoofer and a DAC (amplifier) however I never thought about doing a 5.1 surround sound setup on my room with my PC because mainly I didn't knew how I got the gist of it however I'm in between buying a cheap USB OEM Sound Card (around 20 dollars) or...
  3. X

    Question How to make V Moda's sound better on PC?

    I have a pair of V Moda LP 2's, i love bass and nice crisp rich audio. I had that with a Blue Snowball for audio in Discord and other games. I thought getting Steelseries Arctis Pro's + the DAC and built in Sabre soundcard would be better quality, which they are louder, the bass is much cleaner...
  4. V

    Question Iss it normal to get a hiss or static sound when using a dac

    I recently purchased this syba sonic dac off amazon(https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B009WN7QT4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) , and have noticed that when i put the volume level above 49% in properties i get quite a lot of a hissing/static sound. and even with the volume...
  5. D

    Question Max Volume Still Somewhat Low

    Hi all, I recently purchased the Phillips X2HRs from Amazon. They sound great and the experience is fine as is but for games, some music, and even discord is a lot quieter than it was on my Corsair Void headset. I've tried reinstalling the audio drivers, fussing with the audio enhancements...
  6. L

    Question Creative Sound Blaster G3 vs. Creative Sound BlasterX G1

    Hi all, I do not know much about audio, do these sound cards both have DACs and AMPs that perform similarly aside from the features? Are there any better, or similar performing external sound cards for a lower price? (USD)
  7. L

    Question Amp+dac or amp/dac for AKG 712 pro (first time buyer) ~230€ budget

    Hello, I just ordered my first pair of real headphones and now I need a Dac and Amp or a dac/amp combo for them. I currently have a bad 25€ amp/dac from amazon for my Sennheiser Momentum. Ideally my budget would be 200€, I spent 160€ for the headphones, I don't really want to spend way more for...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] Is there any good long lasting DAC/AMP for less than $100?

    I'm looking for a long-lasting DAC/AMP that can power 250-ohm headphones and has a reputation of lasting for very long (>1 year). My budget will only allow it to be $100 dollars or less.
  9. C

    [SOLVED] Looking to up my audio game - Suggestions?

    Hi, so I'm looking to upgrade my audio setup and am looking for suggestions. I want to switch to a desk mic and upgrade my headset as well. As far as what I have currently, I'm using a pair of Audio Technica ATH-ADG1x with the Soundblaster E-5. I love the audio quality but have been having...
  10. P

    [SOLVED] Sound BlasterX AE-5 vs high quality DAC

    Hi, I currently have a Gaming PC with a dedicated sound card, the Sound BlasterX AE-5 and a pair of Edifier audiophile grade stereo speakers along with the Sennheiser HD 600 headphones. I was wondering if it'd be worth it to get a high quality DAC in order to get a superior sound quality vs...
  11. B

    [SOLVED] DAC/AMP question with beyerdynamic mmx 300 v2

    Hello I just bought a pair of beyerdynamic MMX 300 V2, and with the sound blaster x7, which I'm returning because It's the most overpriced garbage I've ever bought. The problem with the Sound Blaster x7, was that when I launched a game the audio would dissapear and it would say that windows...
  12. d1versify

    [SOLVED] Fiio E10K is worth for PC speakers?

    Hey guys. I just bought the Audioengine A5+ and I read in some reviews that combined with a good DAC they sound great. What's your opinion? I already have a Creative Sound Blaster Z. If i get the Fiio e10k for example I will have better music quality?
  13. C

    Question USB Device not connecting immediately (can take up to an hour)

    I have a USB DAC that has been working fine for over a couple of years now. But recently for some reason, windows wont detect it straight away. The light on the device is red, but once the PC has been on for maybe an hour or so the light will switch to green and I get the windows "device...
  14. R

    Question What would you use the output on a magni amp for?

    Just bought a magni and modi dac amp stack, I've been using the rca input to connect to the amp. But I'm just wondering, what someone would use the rca output for?
  15. P

    Question DAC (SMSL M6) stops computer from booting.

    Hi, I've been having an issue with my USB DAC (SMSL M6) for a while now. When I start up my computer, if the DAC is plugged in and powered on, the computer will not start. I don't even see my motherboard logo, the screen turns on but stays black until I unplug/unpower the DAC. As soon as the DAC...
  16. E

    Question Using DAC AMP on Razer man o war, will there be a difference in audio quality????

    Using DAC AMP on Razer man o war, will there be a difference in audio quality???? im also planning to use the dac on my condenser mic.
  17. L

    Question Less than 100€ DAC vs MOBO audio

    Hello, I'm building my first pc and since I really care about sound I was wondering if I'd benefit from a not too expensive DAC. My mobo is a MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon and my headphones are Sennheiser Momentum 1. I mainly game and care about sound in game, but most importantly I always...
  18. S

    Question Do I have enough ports for HTC Vive ?

    So I have the RTX 2070 oc mini ZOTAC, it has some ports that idk the names of, Im new to pc gaming idk shit, so I have enough ports for the HTC Vive ? If not , what will need? Adaptors ? Idk
  19. krelidas_34

    What is your remark about ASRock B450M Pro4?

    ASRock B450M Pro4 is a budget gaming motherboard that many people recommended to me. But I don't know if it's good for gaming, or even if it's reliable. Some say that it is good for a small ATX motherboard, and not much else is said about the bad reviews. But I'm curious. What is your opinion...
  20. D

    Games/Movies do not recognize my higher resolution monitor

    Hi. I have an ASUS X550VXK laptop. It has am NVIDIA GTX 950M, Windows 10 (64 bit), and 1366x768 resolution. I recently got a monitor that has 1920x1080 resolution. However, I have a few problems. Some games do not recognize my higher resolution and only allow me to play on 1366x768. In...