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  1. AE123

    Question Dual monitor max resolution issue with daisy chain - Help Please

    I just purchased two U3223QE 32" 4K monitors. Dell advertised these as USB-C Hub monitors that can daisy chain using the DPI port and cables provided. I have an LG Gram 17" computer plugged into monitor #1 with the provided double-sided USB-C cable, the two monitors are linked using the DPI 1.2...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] What is my case fans amperage? (Can I use multiple on one header)

    hi my guys, anyone know the maximum amps for the NZXT case edition Aer F120s? (model number: RF-AF12C-XZ ; ones found stock in the h710 cases and others) - the stickers reads 12VDC 0.16 A but I doubt that's the max amperage, probably like the average as that seems very low compared to my...
  3. C

    [SOLVED] Use one GPU to display the signal from my other GPU?

    I have an issue. My monitor is old enough that it doesn't have displayport, but only DVI. My 2070 however doesn't support DVI, and I can't exactly get an adapter that supports 144hz. Can I potentially daisychain the cards so I can use the outputs on the 1070, but use my 2070 for gaming? How...