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  1. S

    Question PWM (4PIN) PST FAN with PWM NON-PST FAN? Need help

    Hello, My Motherboard is an old Intel 67BL which only have two PWM (4PIN) fan ports, one for the back, & another one in front. I already have two Corsair ML140 140mm PWM (4PIN) Fans that am using in my PC case/cabinet Now, in order to create a 5 PWM PST fans Daisy chain, can I connect my...
  2. RazoRSki11zZ

    Question Help me with ARGB SYNC

    I have Asus b450 E gaming board with only 1 argb header. I am currently using 3to1 splitter which is connected to my to 3 for my fan argb header and the goes to my MOBO. i want to buy argb strip which is of phanteks 400cm*2 & 1m which total have total of 126 leds . ## i am deciding to buy a...