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  1. F

    Question Not sure if I damaged my GPU PCIe pins.

    Hello, I have recently bought a 3080 and I am getting lower performance then other people with same or even lower specs then mine. When I went to install my GPU (first time doing that) in the first attempt I could have scratched the GPU pins with my M.2 cooler but I am not sure. After testing...
  2. Moth254KF

    Question I think my ethernet cable is broken

    I connect th ethernet cable, blinks orange wich means is recieven data but my pc does not recognized. I try to plug the same cable to my xbox but it didn't work either. Is the system is failing or the answer is obvius?
  3. A

    Question Question about unplugging a gsync monitor from power while it is in standby mode

    Is it safe to unplug the power cord from a gsync monitor while it is in standby mode (rather than fully off)? Irl scenario is I have my monitor (and pc) plugged into a UPS. Our neighborhood has a couple of rolling black outs in which we lost power for a short while. Every time one happened my...
  4. JustSpod

    Question Computer stuck restarting repeatedly, no beeps, nothing on monitor

    So basically a while ago, there was an incident involving a printer and my computer in which the printer was connected to my computer through a USB slot on the motherboard i/o. I went to plug in the printer to power it on, and a spark came when I brought the plug near the outlet. This killed the...
  5. Question Accidentally sprayed alcohol on my CPU pins

    So I was trying to clean off the thermal compound from the CPU with a 96% alcohol when I accidentally sprayed the pins. The pins have turned darker in color (I've let it dry for about an hour) but am not seeing any noticeable difference. I was thinking of testing it out by I read an article...
  6. JustSpod

    Question Can I safely reuse potentially damaged parts?

    My computer went through an unfortunate incident where I had a printer connected to a usb port on the motherboard, and when I went to plug the printer into a wall outlet, a spark came between the printer plug and the outlet. This killed the printer and left my computer in a state where it would...
  7. S

    Question Brand new I7-10700K just came in the mail. Appears to have scratches/blemishes around the edges. Will this be a problem???

    Imgur Post - Imgur View: https://m.imgur.com/a/aQiAb4F Just as title says. There are some blemishes or scratches in the CPU plate. I've tried seeing they come off with a little alcohol, but they do not. What do you think? Should I request a return? Or are these going to be superficial...
  8. E

    Question Possibly damaged RTX 2080Ti with overclock. Please help!

    I OC'd my RTX 2080Ti, with a modest +150 on the core clock. It appeared stable in stress tests, benchmarks, and other games, but it crashed Borderlands 3 with a DirectX error after some playtime. It should be noted that I crashed with the same error multiple times before applying an overclock...
  9. A

    Question Do either of these RAM sticks in the photos look bent or damaged to you?

    Built my girlfriend a computer just under a year ago and it has been working smoothly since then. However yesterday it randomly started refusing to boot. The fans turn on but there is only a blank screen. Guided my girlfriend through all lot of steps of adding and removing hardware components...
  10. Abracus

    Question Will keeping an HDD on top of my PSU damage it?

    So, I'm getting a new HDD and there's no more slots left. I can't remove the other HDD's either. So, if I attach it on my PSU with Double Sided tape, is there a chance that my HDD will get damaged? I'm kinda dumb so yeah please don't hate :tearsofjoy:
  11. N

    Question Thermaltake PSU Borked

    A few days ago, I completed a new build with the following components: i5-9400f MSI Ventus XS 6G RTX 2060 MSI z390-A Pro LGA 1151 (300 Series) Thermaltake Smart Series 600w The computer was running well, and I was using it to play CS:GO earlier today. Nothing unusual. Suddenly, I saw smoke...
  12. GeorgeTsolo01

    Question Did I fry my motherboard?

    Hello everyone, So I built a new PC and have had some issues with it. My biggest issue I had and this was all my fault and not the cheap PSU (That i regret buying). So the PSU had a red switch on the back of it so that i could change the voltage from 115 to 240. Now i had it all connected on...
  13. C

    Question Cause of motherboard damage?

    I built a new PC earlier this month and it was working great, however, a few days ago I tried plugging earbuds into the headphone jack (which I've done before no problem) and felt a shock. A notification said something about "a USB device wasn't recognized properly" and I saw a small orange glow...
  14. S

    Question PC power cable was pulled from the wall while it was on. Any possible hardware damage?

    I accidentally pulled the computer's power cord from the wall while the computer was on. Luckily no data was being written to the system's SSDs when this happened. But can this cause any damage to the computer's internal components? So far the machine has been running flawlessly after that...
  15. Giovalb

    Question I need HELP!!!

    Last Week when i was removing my shoes i accidentally touched my pc and got esd on the back metal panel of the case. As soon as I got the zap the radiator fans went to maximum speed and the cooler died. The pump in not working cos I can't hear the liquid moving. What should I do??? I am so...
  16. LeoLiu

    [SOLVED] can a graphics card be damaged by leaving it in the cold?

    If a Graphics card was left outside in the cold weather where it is below zero for hours, will there be a change the card might get damaged? for example, shipping box left at the front door.
  17. drwal88

    [SOLVED] Did Red Dead Redemption 2 destroy my GPU?

    Hi, I have an old (5-year-old) R9 280x. I started playing RDR2 - the perfomance wasn't too good but I still wanted to try (thinking of buying a new GPU). And suddenly the game froze and I there were some weird lines on the screen. So I restared my computer, stared playing again and the same...
  18. A

    [SOLVED] can you damage a GPU by having a loose power (8/6-pin) connector?

    So I recently installed a new GPU (2080ti, 'MSI GAMING TRI' edition), which requires two 8-pin power connectors and one 6-pin power connector. Been running it for about a week with no issues. But just earlier tonight, right after booting up computer and getting to desktop, my image went out...
  19. A

    Question 2 PSU's for one mother board

    I have a foxconn motherboard with a AMD Phenom II x6 1055t Processor,GTX 750ti,8gb ram. I have two power supplies connected to it because the motherboard requires a 8pin,and both my psu's have 4 pin connectors. So for a temporary purpose i have connected both the 4 pin connectors into the 8...
  20. N

    Question Motherboard BIOSTAR B450mh caught fire pls help.

    Hello, system specs: Motherboard: Biostar B450mh ver. 6 CPU: Ryzen 5 2600x GPU: GTX 1660 Zotac gaming RAM: DDR4: 2x8 gb, 2400 mhz PSU: 600W Falcon FLC - 600L The pc have been running for 2 months now without any problem. Suddenly yesterday in the middle of a fortnite game the screen turned...