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    Question My gtx 1060 GPU just popped and smoke came out of it. I need help figuring out what happened and what the next steps should be. I caught it all in a v

    I wake up, turn on my computer (specs will be found below) and after browsing the internet for a while, i hear a familiar hiss coming from it. The hiss had happened before in what seemed to be random and very sparse times, so i never could figure out what component was causing it nor if it was...
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    Question Is My PSU / PC Damaged?

    Hi, This morning I accidentally plugged my PC into a wall socket that I usually use to turn my monitor on. I switched the PC on, but 2 seconds later it restarted 3 times very quickly, then there was a burning smell so I immediately unplugged and switched everything off. After this happened I...
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    Question Is this GPU Safe to use and can I even?

    So basically i found a gtx 1080 rog strix but the backplate i think is what you call it is i think melted and a little bit of the board is too here is a picture Also the io shield for the GPU is gone does that mean i cant use the GPU because i dont think it will be that stable to hold itself...
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    Question Faulty/damaged component causing freezing question.

    Good afternoon, I have had an issue for a while now where my computer will randomly freeze for around 10 seconds. Following this, some things might break, like a video player that was going, and sometimes nothing will happen. There are also times, after the freeze, where both my monitors...
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    Question Connected PSU wrong. Any chance it’s not safe now even if it tests good?

    So I’ve been having trouble with my GPU and/or PSU. With my computer suddenly only working with my GPU removed. So I decided to unhook my PSU and test it with a tester. I plugged a 4 pin connector into the wrong slot. As I was plugging it in it sparked between the tester and the 4 pin and the...
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    Question Solder damaged

    Hello, bought a used Aorus z390 Elite but it arrived damaged as you can see in the picture. My question is if it can still be hooked up with power without worries since some solder bumps are now connected with each other. And can the front io, seen in the second picture, still be used with the...
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    [SOLVED] Can i still use a GPU with a busted Vram chip?

    Hi, new member here. So like the title, can i still use a GPU with a busted Vram? I changed the thermal pad for a better cooling and it worked wonders. From 37° on idle to 28°, then after a few minutes, the thermals rapidly went up till something popped. Opened the GPU and one of the Vram was...
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    [SOLVED] How can I tell if my i9 9900k is damaged from heat

    Hello, for the last 6 months, I have used the i9 9900k with a stock cooler at stock speeds. During gaming, (around 3 hours a day) the cpu would be around 80-90c and sometimes go above 90 when it spiked and in some occasions would hit 100c. I have a Kraken x62 arriving in the mail today...
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    Question Can I fix the Titan?

    Hello This is my first post here. Long time follower and avid reader. I recently managed to blow up my GTX Titan which was on Corsair AIO cooling. Actually I have 2 units and I did noticed one of them working near thermal limit. Few days ago I had a weird smell similar to component burn but...
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    [SOLVED] PC troubles, GPU died not sure what is caused it.

    Hey there I had a GTX 1060 6GB installed on my PC Motherboard: Crosshair VI Hero RAM: Vengance 16gb Storage: M.2 SSD 500GB, 2 mechanical hard drives (currently unplugged) One day I hear a fan (not sure which) go into super overdrive whirring so I power down my pc, wait a bit and try to turn it...
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    Question Hard drive spinning but not detected in bios?

    Suddenly when i turn on my pc , something poped up reboot and select proper boot device , insert boot media in selected boot device. I went to bios and hard drive not detected ! I tried to unplug the cable plug it again and same , hard drive is spinning ! I tried to to replace the cable but same...
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    Question Is my CPU socket damaged?

    Hi. I recently bought a 2nd hand Gigabyte GA-Z170N-GAMING 5 ITX Motherboard and was worried maybe the socket was damaged (See photo). The box had things missing and it was wrongly described on ebay so i just would like to double check everything. (Intel LGA1151 Socket) View...
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    Question Pentium Dual Core 1.8 ghz

    https://postimg.cc/ft5WfdhP heres the image of the chip on the right side corner there is 1 pin wich looks 50% damaged or burned can i run this cpu its idk 8 9 years old idk why i removed it too and also let me know if i get it working how much you think i can overclock it upto how much frequeny
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    Question I think I damaged the graphics card

    Okay. So my specs are gtx 750 ti, i5-2400 8gb ram, 350w psu. So today, I've decided to change my thermal paste on cpu and graphics card because I've been hitting 80c degrees and over on gpu (it has no pins) and up to 70c on cpu. I don't think cpu is the problem, cleaned it, applied thermal paste...
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    Question Strange situation with my D: Hard drive after a power outage

    Hello I've been looking for an answer and I need your help :) My D: hard drive is damaged and I have no idea what to do. It happend after a power outage a few month ago. Here are the symptoms : Can't creat new folders nor files (Error : 0x8000FFFF) Can't delete anything from the hard drive...
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    Intel 9th Gen CPUs Are Great...if You Can Find Them

    Intel's 9th generation Core processors are suffering from high prices and low stock. Intel 9th Gen CPUs Are Great...if You Can Find Them : Read more
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    MSI GAMING X 1080 8gb Series

    Why is my 1080 always stay at around 45-55 when just in silent mode is this normal & if it isnt than can anyone direct me too a website that will create an RGB water block for my MSI 1080
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    fx 6300 bottlenecking a gtx 1070ti

    I'll be buying a gtx 1070ti this week is it worth the bottleneck if im going to upgrade my cpu later this year?
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    Asrock X299 Taichi Stuck Bios Instant Flash

    I tried updating my bios on my X299 Taichi through the instant flash utility from the windows side of things. It rebooted into the UEFI, and has been stuck on this screen for at 30 minutes with 0% progress. As I have BIOS flashback on this motherboard is it safe to turn off the computer and...
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    About Laptop with 256 GB / Intel Core i7 / 8GB RAM

    compare dell inspiron i5 7000 2 in 1 Powered by 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 Processor, Windows 10 Home, 8GB memory & 256GB SSD. which costs $1200 vs Surface Pro 256 GB / Intel Core i7 / 8GB RAM which costs $1450