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    [SOLVED] How Dangerous are Super Cheap Power Supplies?

    I recently got a "Turbolink" ATX-XG500w power supply from a friend who was replacing it. From my research this thing is a sketchy piece of junk, but I was wondering just how dangerous these cheapo power supplies are. Would they potentially damage the system their in or catch on fire? I honestly...
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    I bought a competitors website...

    ... what are the legalities of directing the traffic to that website to my business. The competitor has only the .com domain name but I have bought the .co.uk domain name. The web address is the name of their business, which is a local competitor to my business. I am looking to learn the ins...
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    [SOLVED] Intel Core i9-9900K with NVlink

    Looking to get myself hooked up with a decent build for 4k gaming. I am really liking the idea of 2x RTX 2080's running in NVlink. I am just wondering what CPU to use to get the best frames possible. I have been advised to go with the Intel 9900K, I was wondering what the community would think...
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    [SOLVED] Microphone not picking up my voice but rather the YouTube videos.

    I can't seem to use my microphone which is on my headset (RAGE Z50). It just picks up on computer sounds but not my voice. I tried reinstalling Realtek drivers and nothing works. Both headphone jack on the front and on the back have the same results. Hope you guys can help me out.
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    GTX 560 Ti won't work with my RAM anymore

    Strange issue plaguing the computer. I've had this computer working fine for years now. It suddenly stopped booting and would power for just a half-second and then shut off and cycle. I noticed that it rarely would stay on for about 5 seconds running only the fans and then shut off. No onboard...
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    Would like some help on an booting issue I am having. Thank you in advance.

    I have a Z170 (er 6700k??) with 32 gb RAM (4x8gb), 550 w PSU and a 1060 6gb GPU. Everything was fine until Tuesday when all of a sudden, it, what I thought was rebooting, but every fan was maxing RPM's. CPU, system, GPU and motherboard fans. I turned it off via the small PSU switch at the...
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    GPU fans spinning when my pc is turned off?

    So recently I got a myself a new graphics card (second hand 980) and the cards fans never stop spinning. Even when my pc has been shut down the fins twitch. Just wondering if there's a way to stop this or if there is a reason behind it.
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    Cables for my PC?

    Hey guys, I am just about to order my parts for my PC, I am getting a Fully Modular power supply so I was wondering if I could get some help with which cables to buy, here's my build: Due to shortage there will be a limitation of only ONE of any graphics card per household/customer. For bulk...
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    Samsung Series 4 TV Can Only Connect Wired, But No Ethernet Port

    I want to connect my TV to the internet, but there is not ethernet port on the TV itself. It also doesn't have the option to connect wireless, only wired. No idea how to get started as the manual isn't very forthcoming.
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    Building new computer-CPU choice-need help/info overload!

    OK, I've gotten almost as much out of my existing computer system as I can. I'm looking to do my first, ever, full computer build. In the past I've upgraded every part on my existing PC, except for the MOBO, so I have some experience with hardware upgrades, although I still sweat every time I...
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    i7-4790K MB help

    So I am planning on upgrading my CPU and I want to upgrade it too the i7-4790K because I heard that it is a really good cpu. I am planning on upgrading my MB along with me CPU so, what is the best gaming MB for the i7-4790K?
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    700 euro build

    I wanna build a pc for 700 euro's, and ive made my list for the components. Do you guys have any improvements? Heres the pcpartpicker: https://de.pcpartpicker.com/list/CHz7KZ
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    lenovo t430 boot stays black

    I turn on laptop and windows icon shows for 2 second, the cursor is on screen but laptop does not boot
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    Parade Float System

    The stereo system I am going to be using is the LG CM4550. I have (2) 3 ohm speakers that came with it and I was wondering if I could mix (2-3) more 6 ohm speakers from an old system. I don't want to ruin a new unit or speakers! Please Help!!!!
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    Installing a sata 3 HDD on a sata 2 MB

    Will a Seagate Barracuda 2tb(Marketed as SATA 3(600mb) work at its maximum on a Sata 3gbs MB? I've read that most HDD's don't make use of the SATA 3's speeds unless we're talking SSD's in raid, so I'm not sure how it goes.
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    Reset bio password

    Need to reset password for x205T
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    Can I Upgrade?

    I have an alienware x51 r3 with an intel core i5-6400 processor, an nvidia geforce gtx 960, 8 gigs of ram, and a 1 tb hard drive. I believe my power supply is 330 watts but im not sure about that. I want to upgrade my geforce gtx 960 to a 1060. Would my current power supply allow for that upgrade?
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    Help me. before i spend my money

    Hey guys, I already founded all my parts for ny new gaming pc! But im not sure if they are all compatible, like the ram, motherboard and if all fit in the case!I am not overclocking I need a good gpu for gaming but not EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE. CPU:i5 6600k RAM Black Fury HyperX 2x4gb PSU:EVGA 640w...
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    Mars Gaming MPS600 600W Power Supply is good power supply or bad power supply for gaming?

    Mars Gaming MPS600 600W Power Supply is good power supply or bad power supply for gaming?
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    Cloning using Acronis WD edition

    I am receiving a message during cloning process "One or more of your removable disks may have not started at the moment. Click yes to wait or no to ignore and continue. I tried all and they send me bakc to the same place and have to answer again. So I disconnected all my removable disk and tried...