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  1. Ikou

    Question Clock speeds halving when playing Darks Souls 3 and Rainbow 6

    When playing DS3 and R6 my GPU clock speeds are being halved when playing. I have spent multiple days trying to figure this out with minimal success. I have: Installed both games on multiple different drives to see if that would solve anything but to no avail(NVME m.2, SATA SSD, and HDD)...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] Stuttering/FPS Drops in some games

    My pc is a few months old. I recently bought dark souls 3 and sekiro shadows die twice but, the games are almost unplayable because even though they run at a steady 60 FPS suddenly the FPS drop to 0 and the game freezes for just a second and then they go back up to 60 FPS as if nothing had ever...
  3. Leetyx

    Question Sekiro/DarkSouls 3 60hz only?

    Is it true that both of these games only support 60hz? I've read that you can get a mod for sekiro to unlock the fps past 60, but some people were having issues. I would like to confirm this before I end up buying either of them because a friend of mine just refunded sekiro for this exact...
  4. T

    What should I do

    What should I do after I'm all done with build my PC? I'm new to this and I think I got the build part down once I build it but what if I actually get it up and running. I know I go into the bios but what do I do from there? Is there a YouTube video about how to do this part.
  5. A

    Looking for the Best and Cheapest PC option for Audio Production

    Hi all, I'm a Canadian music producer looking for the best and cheapest PC option to be able to support my hobby. It's also important to note that I'm a student... so my budget is tight. I need the PC to be able to run VST plugins such as Omnisphere 2 and provide enough hard drive space to...
  6. A

    SSD Windows/Transferring files question

    So my new pc is coming soon and it is going to have an ssd and harddrive plugged in it so when i first turn it on how do i make it so the ssd has the windows and priority boot, second after this setup is finished i have an extra ssd that has some files i need that need to be put on the new...
  7. C

    Bought a New Laptop. But it's slow and freezes

    Recently I bought a new laptop. It's really nice, and has Intel i7. But I've noticed that it's really slow and freezes almost every time. It has an HDD hard drive. Will an SSD help solve my problems. And it makes noises when running. Here's the laptop...
  8. D

    laptop does not boot and looses hdd in bios

    Hi, my laptop every now and then fails to boot. when i go to bios there is no hdd in the sata settings. Now i noticed, that when i unscrew the hdd adapter (which is attached with just one screw to the mainboard!!) from the mainboard and screw it back on, it boots again for a while and the whole...