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  1. H

    Question Q about setting up DAS with veracrypt

    Hi I'm new to this. Hope you can confirm that my setup will work! I might get a new DAS such as qnap tr-002/004 and maybe 8-12 TB disks. If I skip raid and use the qnap with "single/individual mode", will it work fine to protect the drives with veracrypt? Will it take long time to mount such...
  2. P

    [SOLVED] Terra Master DAS

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with the Terra Master D5-300C? - or maybe it's the same for all nas/das devices? I have installed a RAID 1 on drive 1+2 and that is all fine. But what happens when it is full? Do I have to change both or can I just replace one of the drives and format and...
  3. F

    [SOLVED] Makeshift Server without GPU

    I recently built a new desktop and am looking into converting my old computer into a dedicated storage box (DAS). I have about 60TB and growing worth of data to store so housing it in a single computer is getting slightly unreasonable. outwitting both my new computer with 10GBit Ethernet, I was...
  4. P

    HP Fresh Install

    HP Pavilion Dv7-4273us (it's old, I know) Windows 7 (OEM From HP) Break down: I would like to a clean install on this laptop. I would like to be able to re-partition drive the way I want it to be. Obviously it didn't come that way from HP. I already pulled the windows Key, it's been backed...
  5. wrath1217

    CPU height limit for my case

    i got this case armageddon teratron t7 from a friend and i use to have a deepcool gammaxx s40 cpu cooler but i broke it while cleaning the fan... and im looking to replace it with a cooler master hyper 212 led turbo.. my question is, will it fit to my case? ar any recommendation from you guys...
  6. T

    Hp z400 and z420 motherboard doa issues

    I bought two hp z400 and two z420 motherboards from three different sellers ALL were DOA!! I had the CPUs they came with and I bought my own CPU I bought dual core quad core and hexacore CPUs I swapped out the ram the cooling system the power supply and even the chassis and hard drive NOTHING...
  7. R

    600va UPS with 750w PC

    Hi all Lately my neighborhood suffers from frequent power cuts. To make sure my TV (Samsung KS8000) and computer don't damage permanently as a result, I am looking to purchase a 600VA UPS. My computer however has a 750W power source and and not external screen. My specs: 6700k, 16GB DDR...
  8. A

    High End Gaming Pc having really bad performance

    My main problem is lag No matter what settings I use, what game I use (even Vanilla Minecraft does) it lags. It all started when my CPU temperature hit 88 °C at start, while the ambient temperature was 16 °C For this reason, CPU fan went to maximum (with an infinitely boring noise), that's the...
  9. S

    window 7 activation

    so window will activate after 3 days .?
  10. A

    hi my friend have amd radon 7520g gpu.. he had 2gb of video memory.. but now he only have 512mb...

    when he had win 8 he remembered he had 2gb of video maemory. but when he changed to win 8.1 and played assassins creed unity it was laggy.. he checked his vedio memory and find out he only have 512mb of it... can you say me a way to fix it
  11. G

    install Windows 10 with new Mobo and SSD

    Hey guys, so got a new Mobo and an SSD and what i wanted to do is put windows 10 onto my SSD and run it off of there instead of my C drive which is where it is now. Is there a way where i can just install windows 10 onto my SSD and run it off of there and remove windows 10 from my C Drive and...
  12. Florax

    Is it something wrong with my ram?

    Hi, I have 8x4GB ram. CPU-Z tells me this: DRAM Freq: 933.2mHz ( 933.2x2=1866,4) am i right? 3D Mark 11 tells me: Module 1-4 096 MB Corsair DDR3 @ 667 MHz Module 2-4 096 MB Corsair DDR3 @ 667 MHz Module 3-4 096 MB Corsair DDR3 @ 667 MHz Module 4-4 096 MB Corsair DDR3 @ 667 MHz Module 5-4...