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    Question How does Chrome know which passwords have been compromised?

    Wasn't sure which board to post this question. Majority of my passwords are unique for each site, so if something is breached it can't cascade to other accounts. When I log into one particular site using Chrome, I get an alert telling me my password was found in a data breach and should be...
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    which upgrade should i do

    i am thinking of upgrading my recent build with an R9 270x and i was wondering which upgrade should i to. A) get crossfire with either the same card or the HD 7870 and forget about it (plus getting a new PSU) B) save up for a 780 or the r9 290x and not have to get a new PSU or C) compromise and...
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    disappearing drive sapce

    I tired to a restore but had no memory left in the hard drive. I was able to delete many files and got 450mb back. Tried to do the restore, wanted to go back to when first bought computer. Would only show this month on the calender. While I was trying to work out what to donext the 450mb of...
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    GPU Crashing (Not Overheating)

    GPU Crashes even tho i hardly ever go above 50 degrees on any game My sound stays on for a couple more seconds all that dies to begin with is just the screen, i am able to hear sound and such for a couple more seconds before the system reboots