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  1. Creed Bratton

    Question Moving HDD from one PC to another, todays data is disappearing

    Hi there, We're having a very peculiar problem going on. We collect data out in vehicles which gets saved to HDD's. We then pull these out when finished (from the drive bays) and slot them into the upload computer in the office. The problem is today and on Saturday, somehow all the data that...
  2. UnexperiencedDabbler

    Question Will Cloning My Macbook Pro Drive/OS/Entire System From SSD to HDD Cause Data Loss?

    Hello everyone, this is my first time using for anything other than looking at news or reviews for consumer products etc. so please go easy on me and if I am doing/formatting/asking anything in the wrong way or forum please let me know! I currently own a Macbook Pro early 2015...
  3. 0

    [SOLVED] Interchange (SSD) boot drive without losing data?

    Hi, I recently upgraded my ssd nvme boot drive to a 1 tb in my laptop, I also have an old style 2tb hdd in there if this makes any difference. I am now left with the old 256gb nvme drive with all my data on it. I would like to sell this on or at least have someone else get use out of it but I...
  4. D

    Question Questions about my formatted external harddrive

    Here's the story: i wanted to turn a small partition of my external harddrive into a recovery disk or something, can't remember what it was exactly. it was some backup function in windows, that's all i remember. But instead caused the harddrive to be formatted, losing all my files and being...
  5. S

    Constant Stuttering in most games

    Hey everyone, I am having some problems with freezing and stuttering on my computer. I'll be playing at 60 fps, and it'll drop down to about 21-23 fps. This number is almost always constant. This happens in most every game I've been playing recently(Black Desert Online, Forza Horizon 4...
  6. A

    So. Out of no whhere my charger stopped charging my laptop so I ordered a new one but it only charges sometimes. Like it would

    My laptop just kind of won’t charge I also have to put the charger a certain way for it to charge my laptop I’ve been on vacation for a month and left my charger at school to give it a break
  7. D

    Recommended amount of ram for i5 8600k?

    Hello, as the title says what is recommended amount of ram you should have, to make i5 8600k work optimal ?
  8. M

    Is 300w PSU enough for Zotac Gtx 1050ti mini?

    I got Acer Aspire Tc-705 pc with Gtx 745, 8gb ddr3, i5-4460 3.2ghz and 300w PSU. Will I be fine if I upgrade my GPU to Zotac 1050ti mini?
  9. T

    is a gtx 1080 worth 60$ more than a 1070ti ?

    is the gtx 1080 worth an extra 60$ over the 1070ti ? .. i want to get the best card because i wont be able to upgrade for 5-6 years .. but if the performance isnt worth the money it will be pointless
  10. R

    H115i pro in a NZXT S340

    Would and S340 and a Corsair H115i Pro fit together? I know the radiator and everything will fit but will the waterblock connected to the CPU block a RAM slot? I know the NZXT Kraken X62 will block the first RAM slot but I have 4 sticks of RAM in my PC at the moment. Would really hate to drop...
  11. N

    100% disk usage, zero throughput. Games and system freeze entirely.

    As stated in the title, my C drive can sometimes go to 100% usage randomly (no throughput). This results in system freezes, and I have to tear the plug out of the wall in order to shut it down. When I pull the system out of sleep mode, my 1TB WD blue goes to 100% usage with no throughput...
  12. K

    New graphics card, weird boot issue

    I just bought a gtx 1060 3gb graphics card, and after installing the card and it's drivers windows (7) would go through the "starting windows" screen without a problem, and then just lose all signal when booting. I removed the graphics card to see it work perfectly and removed the graphics...
  13. Y

    DDR3 Dead ?

    Wanted to buy a 1300€ PC from eBay. Good GPU ( 1080 GTX ), other Hardware was good too. However : It has a I7 4790K and 16GB DDR3 Ram. Questions : Is it worth to buy that pc, since I dont know how long it will take until I'll be forced to upgrade the CPU and therefor the Mobo and the 16GB DDR3...
  14. C

    Hyper SLI would it be ok for z87k ?

    I had another thread but i cant remember it so i decided to put up new one. So, i just bought my friend i5-4670k with z87k and had a thought of updating gpu at the same time ( still running my old trusty fx-6300 with ga970-ud3p ),but for what i know the motherboard doesnt accept SLI ( i have gtx...
  15. K

    Was it my graphics card, power supply, or something else?

    So about 2 months ago I decided to build a computer and everything worked completely fine. Just a few days ago while playing a game the whole system shuts off by itself. I frantically try pressing the power button again hoping the entire system would turn on but I had no success. So I open up...
  16. P

    Video Editing: Is it time to upgrade my PC?

    I run a aerial photography business and do alot of 4k editing and rendering out special effects in Premiere Pro and After Effects. I currently have a two PC's, my laptop and tower. The laptop is decent at editing, but the tower is much better. Here are the towers specs: MOBO: ASrock Pro 4...
  17. P

    IOH Hub heatsink fan, do I need it?

    I recently purchased an Intel DX58SO motherboard, which comes with an annoying (it's rather loud compared to the rest of my build) 40mm fan that glows blue (goes against my color scheme) and is over the IOH Hub heatsink Do I need this fan? I really would prefer to remove this fan since it is...
  18. A

    Slow Internet Connection sometime limited access

    Okay previously I used a laptop in my college and the wifi working just fine. Since I've been doing a lot of video editing, I brought my desktop. However, I experience slow internet connection using my college wifi. Now, my phone, ipad and previous laptop all don't have this problem. So, I...
  19. L

    Apple, OpenAI Join ‘Partnership On AI’ Consortium

    Apple and OpenAI, two key players that have been missing from the Partnership on AI consortium, have joined the group. Apple, OpenAI Join ‘Partnership On AI’ Consortium : Read more
  20. M

    Inconsistent POST While Breadboarding

    New build minus a used motherboard (accidental purchase, sigh). I have worked through the troubleshooting thread ( Currently I'm breadboarding it so it's just: CPU / MOBO / RAM, with CPU fan hooked up...