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  1. universalrule

    Question Does formatting an SSD's disk allocation size below 4096 bytes increase the risk of data loss?

    Yesterday, I asked ChatGPT if it could increase the risk of data loss if I set the disk allocation size smaller than 4096 bytes when I format the SSD, and I got the following answer. I want to make sure if this is true. ''' Yes, formatting an SSD's disk allocation size below 4096 bytes can...
  2. A

    Question Strong and affordable backup solution

    I want to protect my data from loss or corruption, sources such as: Bad sectors Hardware damage Malware, like ransomware Other backup objectives: Ability to revert accidental deletions and renames Ability to revert a file/folder to a previous version I need a backup solution that is...
  3. msbento

    Question External SSD loses data after removing it from the computer ?

    Hi everyone, I just bought an external 8Tb SSD and I was starting to copy-paste some stuff into it - movies and TV shows basically. However, after removing it from the computer, it always loses the data. In the pictures below, you'll see: a Dragon Ball Z folder of 251Gb with all the content...
  4. A

    Question HELP! User Profile reset itself for no reason after initial "The User Profile Service service failed the sign-in. User profile cannot be loaded" Messa

    I have absolutely no idea as to why, but all of a sudden one of the user accounts on my Windows 11 computer reset itself after giving the " The User Profile Service service failed the sign-in. User profile cannot be loaded" message the first time I tried opening it today while using the computer...
  5. mitsosha

    Question Inaccessible external hard drive

    Hello, a friend of mine handed me the following external hard drive: WD Elements Portable WDBUZG7500ABK - hard drive - 750 GB - USB 3.0 Specs She had connected the hard drive to her phone and apparently the phone formatted the drive with android file system. She asked for data recovery from a...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] Data Loss within Microsoft Word? (Or on the hard drive?)

    I have had a few crashes on my Windows 10 machine (HP Zbook 15G2). At first, I thought they might be related to heat as it's an older machine and was running pretty hot at the time, however..., during reboot after one of the crashes, there was a message during the Windows startup screen that one...
  7. sn0wbit_

    Question how do i move windows 10 to another drive without losing data on either drive

    i recently installed windows on a secondary partition on my ssd (it was the only workaround i could find to not lose data) and im trying to figure out how to move the entire contents of that partition back onto the main partition of the ssd, i cant find anything on google that isnt a scam...
  8. X

    Question Seagate 2TB HDD making buzzing noises, and not being recognized by any PC.

    Hey all! First post on here, so sorry if poor etiquette. I've had this hard drive for a while now, and it contains quite a few important pieces of data on it, including backups. When I plug it into my PC (Windows 10 x64 Home), it begins beeping approx. every 1 second. This also happens when...
  9. N

    [SOLVED] Error – “USB drive not formatted”

    Whenever I plug-in my Kingston USB flash drive it is showing an error – “USB drive not formatted”. There are some important data files & some precious pictures which I cannot afford to lose. Is there any way to repair my flash drive & recover the data if there is any data loss situation??
  10. D

    Question Warning avoid updating firefox, new update uses new profile system loses your stored profile

    I just ran firefox which did one update, says profile is being changed, I saved like it said, then 20 minutes later restarted says updating again and this time all of my data (passwords, history, bookmarks) are gone. DO NOT USE FIREFOX at this time.
  11. yoji

    Question Bizzare Data loss

    Posting this in Win 10 - could go other places. Win 10 Pro 1809 full patch etc. No problems.. solid .. working fine. All of a sudden - for no apparent reason - all my programs installed on my D drive are trashed. C Drive (system) is fine... E drive (Games) is fine … just D drive (apps). If I...
  12. I

    should i upgrade to an 8700k ?

    i currently have an i7 4790, ive had it for more than 4 years and recently have been looking for an upgrade so, should i really upgrade ? my current system : I7 4790 (Non-K) 12Gb Ram 1600Mhz P81-D3 and a 144Hz monitor i usually play online games, and when i play singleplayer games i like to...
  13. C

    GTX 1050ti laptop running League horribly

    So I recently just upgraded to a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 gaming laptop, because the old laptop I was using for school was starting to run poorly. I wanted something that looked nice and neutral, yet could still play 1080p games fairly well so, the Inspiron 15 7000 with the 1050Ti is what I ended...
  14. N

    Need help figuring out why my wired Desktop does not see wireless devices despite being connected to the same router.

    My current internet setup at home is as follows: I have a Windows 7 32-bit desktop connected to one of the LAN ports of my D-Link DSL 2730U router via an ethernet cable. The desktop has a printer connected to it and exists on a network named "Network 2" which is different from the wifi network...
  15. Jcsenter

    Hey Guys, How's This?

    Gaming PC, trying to keep it under my budget with is 850, found these parts for my build. It's a strict 850 budget, I included monitor in the price. If there's any parts that I can make cheaper PLEASE LET ME KNOW, trying to shred off money here but still keep the same performance, where this...
  16. R

    Case make a little noise

    the case itself make the noise , i mean when i move the case from it's place the noise goes and if i move the case again the noise back if i put my hand on any place on the case sometimes it make the noise more noisy , and sometimes it make the noise less , so do i have to change the whole case...