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  1. W

    Help with CPU fan problem

    So my computer crashed while gaming a few times last night, but then turned back on each time. Then one time it didn't turn on. I check inside the case and the cpu fan wasn't turning. I looked up the problem online and it said try a different fan header so i got some jumper cables and plugged my...
  2. Metaformed

    Need a new modem and router for Time Warner Cable.

    So I currently have the cheap modem/router all in one combo that comes with our connection, It is slow, has a short range, and has other issues like one of the antennas is loos so a light breeze could knock it down. Anyways, I was wondering what router and modem to get to go with my current...
  3. S

    gtx 780 ti need help over clocking

    looking for some one that can preferbly use skype and teamviewer to do a tiny overclock on my gtx 780 ti only will do it if person as plenty of badges on here dont want a noob like my self blowing it up