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  1. F

    Question Dynamic Disk: Invalid!

    Hi there people! I have a Dynamic Disk which just suddenly went "Invalid". I have searched through the Internet but none had my problem. =================================== I have a Windows 10 on a SSD and was using this Dynamic H.D.D as storage. Now it's labeled "invalid" in Disk management...
  2. N

    Question Rectify file sizes on recovered files from a deleted volume

    Hello all, I made a dumb mistake last night and when going to clone a drive and clean up some old file data I deleted a volume from a harddrive which I did not intend to. Not a super big deal. I have a backup of the drive from probably 3 or so weeks ago. There were a few projects added to the...
  3. G

    Question I think my HDD just died, what can i do now?

    Hello everyone, Today my HDD (S: ) started to act strange. I realized that a Video i saved yesterday with Nvidea Shadow Play wasn´t there. Navigating through the folders of the HDD was a bit slow but nothing i worried about at that moment. I first expected a software problem with Shadow Play so...
  4. twgamerbuilder

    Question Samsung 970 EVO not showing in BIOS

    I just rebuilt my computer to clean it, same parts, nothing has changed. It was working fine beforehand. I have it all set up and turn it on and my 970 evo isn't being recognized by the bios. It's my boot drive and has a lot of valuable data on it. No info anywhere in the bios on it. I tried...
  5. rank1337

    Question Is it possible to recover data from this drive?

    I used this drive about a year ago, and I shut off my pc because it was running slow, so I went to sleep. I woke up and it took minutes to boot into windows, which is irregular because I run a 7th gen intel chip and a NVME m.2 boot drive. this one terabyte drive was missing, and I now want to...
  6. N

    Question Trying to recover data from a 12 yr old hard disk

    Hi, I have a very old hard disk (around 12 yrs old now) that I got from our laptop that was last used maybe 8 yrs ago. I have plugged it into my current laptop using a usb adapter but the problem is it doesn't show up on explorer nor on disk management. It does however show up on device...
  7. consptheory77

    Question Can I view contents of dynamic disk with a virtual OS?

    I just discovered a hard drive I was using for extraneous storage was somehow, on my part, accidentally converted to a "dynamic disk". I always wondered what that meant when I've seen that option before, and now I know. As I said, extraneous - I remember some of what I went to copy over to...
  8. Ibo T

    Question Mobo dead, how to access striped volume externally from laptop?

    I have a dead PC with 2 data drives that are windows striped (not hardware raid-0). If I buy a usb raid enclosure, do you think windows will recognize them as a dynamic disc? If not, is there a way to access it externally without a desktop? Thanks.
  9. G

    Question Attempting to recover files off of my old SSD, device not showing up under "This PC"

    Hi there, I have been struggling with an issue the last couple of days attempting to recover the files off of my old SSD from my previous desktop. The device is a Seagate Barracude, Model Number ST2000DM001 About half a year ago, I had noticed my desktop was getting really slow, to the point...
  10. Insane Potatoz

    [SOLVED] How to protect my data?

    Hey everyone. I noticed people talking about stuff like clean data recovery images or something like that, and how it's recommended to do that often. So I was just wondering; what are some ways I can keep the data on my PC safe, and how? Thanks!
  11. A

    Question Broken phone data recovery?

    I have a huawei p20 pro that has a completely broken screen, I need to get the photos off of it or use huawei phone clone but that isn’t as important. I got an otg connector and plugged the phone into a monitor and used a mouse it worked but the display would cut out every few seconds, any idea...
  12. C

    Question What's the best data recovery software for Android?

    I had to reset my pixel 4xl and since the Google drive backup software failed to back up my text messages they are now gone. I also lost a lot of lecture audio recordings I need for class. I looked around for some software to help me but everything looks sketchy so thought maybe someone here...
  13. PetarStev

    Question Can third-party data loss recovery programs really recover every deleted file?

    First of all, I know they can recover many. But I had an incident where I executed the chkdsk /f /r /x command after having the 'can't recognize device descriptor' error. So I restarted my PC as that is the way to execute this particular command, but didn't realize I had my monitor and TV...
  14. [SOLVED] Storage HDD not accessible in new system (or old anymore) - locks up Windows when in enclosure

    Hi all - I just built a new tower and everything runs well. The old tower works fine too. Unsure if this matters, but the old unit was Intel, the new one is AMD. I went to install my 1TB HDD from my old PC into this new tower and it wouldn't even boot to windows. I changed the boot order...
  15. sijumark

    [SOLVED] Media on 3x External HDDs not accessible

    Hello All, I am facing issues accessing my media on 3x 1TB WD external HDD hope you can help me with this. My OMV build was on my old Dell Optiplex 380 where OMV was installed as the only operating system. There were 5 external hard disk drives containing media, 3x 3.5" 1TB WD External powered...
  16. searay12399

    [SOLVED] Datasheet for LG VX-6000 phone?

    Hi, I am a data recovery engineer. I am currently doing a recovery on two LG VX-6000 phones. They both will not turn on or power up. I am wanting to do a chip off and read the memory chip, but I cannot find any sort of information on the phone's board online whatsoever. I am looking for a...
  17. D

    [SOLVED] Hard drive spinning up and down, head not moving, can't access drive at all

    I have a drive that is constantly spinning up and then down over and over again and not stopping. As well the head of the drive doesn't move at all, no clicking or anything. Does anyone have a way that I may be able to fix this easily or is it pretty much dead?
  18. G

    [SOLVED] Data Recovery

    So I had a bunch of files on my desktop and it was getting very cluttered, so i decided to move them to a secondary hard drive to clean up space. I had no idea that the secondary hard drive was full. When i transferred over the files everything looked fine so i deleted the original files from...
  19. S

    [SOLVED] Internal HDD No Longer Detected/Working, Making Funny Noise

    I've got a WD Green Caviar Drive 1TB HDD that suddenly stopped working on me. When I started up my system in the morning, there were some "funny" sounds coming out of my tower. They sounded a bit like scratching, but more smacking, as if a fan blade was being interrupted. The drive was already...
  20. S

    [SOLVED] Hard Drive Failed Any Hail Marys?

    Bought a toshiba p300 3tb HDD about a year and a half ago. then out of no where my windows would not boot and even when i did get it to boot i couldnt do anything. apps wouldnt start when i requested and when i told the pc to shut down it just ignored my request. Windows in installed on my nvme...