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data restore

Forum discussion tagged with data restore.
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    Question I'm trying to recover data from file history but when I click on some of the folders they say there empty

    So my HDD started making clicking sounds and got corrupted which had a lot of my data on so I tried to restore some of the data by using file history as most desktop folders was transferred to the now corrupt HDD to save space. So I tried to use file history to restore the folders but...
  2. I

    What is most house current efficient way to power computer fans without a computer?

    Hello I wish to use a silverstonetek AP 182 180 mm variable computer speed fan away from my computer and its desktop power supply to cool my vacuum tube headphone amplifier. This is a fan which comes with a variable speed controller included and requires 0.05A (500rpm) ~1.3A (2000rpm) in...