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  1. I

    [SOLVED] URGENT!! DELETED C drive partition during Windows 10 installation. Will it impact other undeleted partitions ?

    Thought of upgrading my Win 7 ultimate to WIn 10 PRO with clean windows install. Downloaded the ISO using Media creation tool from Microsoft. Used RUFUS to create a bootable flash drive (automatically it was created with GPT/UEFI method, but my HDD is MBR. didnt know this when doing initially)...
  2. S

    Question Is there a way to read data (like CPU temp/fan speed) directly from the Motherboard?

    I'm having a hard time searching for this-- most results return software solutions from within an OS (or say to go into the BIOS). Is it possible to read things like CPU temp, fan speed, voltage, clock speed, etc. directly from the motherboard, not through an OS? For example, is there a port...
  3. Question Fried SSD Circuitry: Worth it to RMA or salvage?

    Hi all: Yes, it happened. I learned the hard way. After plugging in a power supply cable from another manufacturer and connecting my SSD, the drive fried. With a round of investigation, it looks like all of the voltages were moved around. Here are the two configs: The unfortunate part is the...
  4. KaiserPhantasma

    Question [Browser]Opera Turbo on windows?

    Good day, maybe its just me but does opera on windows have opera turbo? specifically opera (v.60) since I just newly installed it on my win 7 system that has a data cap (rotten luck) and can't seem to find in the settings... or is it on by default?
  5. L

    How to save data from broken phone?

    Hi, so a friend of mine recently broke her phone and got a new one but she wants to recover all the photos and data from the old phone. But the problem is the old phone has its screen all cracked and ripped apart and won't even start. The screen is just black and nothing shows on it so i...
  6. R

    Question Corrupted m.2, isn't seen by windows, savable?

    I am currently in possession of an m.2 that I have been tasked with saving the data from, here is all the info I have gathered: It cannot be seen by Windows 10 in any way that I've tried other than through Disk Part in command prompt (can't be seen by disk management). Command prompt can't...
  7. D

    Question SSD How long without power / finite number of write cycles?

    I build 2 PCs quite some time ago and have been using an SSD for years. I never knew that drives will eventually loose their information if they go too long without power. Even USB drives? How long is this period? Also, SSDs have a finite number of times they can write? And apparently its bad...
  8. C

    Another charger and a new battery. Light still blinking Orange 4 times and White one time. Says plugged in - not charging.

    Battery not charging. Not the charger and not the battery. What could it be?
  9. J

    When PC goes to sleep i have to reconnect HDMI cable for Display to work

    Everytime i manually set my computer to sleep or it does so itself, i have to unplug and replug in my hdmi cord for the monitor to connect it. This only started happening recently, and after I do this once, the display works perfectly until the next sleep. Is this a cord problem, a GPU port...
  10. J

    Network adapter connection issue

    My computer is connected to the Linksys12637 when I check in the change adapter page. My coworker though is Linksys12637 5GHZ when he plugs in his ethernet cable, and both of our wifi are disabled. We are both also in the same Workgroup. When I check arp-a, his ip address is not showing up and I...
  11. L

    GTA 5 full screen compatibility

    Hi guys can i play GTA 5 at full screen at normal settings My laptop screen is 15 inches Specs- intel i3 6100 940 MX 2gb nvedia graphic card 8gb ram My display is 1366*768 (it's my maximum capacity shown as recommended) Thank you in advance
  12. R

    What can i do with a beastly pc?

    So, today in my free time i saw a pc build with gtx 1080ti sli, i9 7960x, 64gb ddr4 ram and stuff, just wondering what people do with such builds?
  13. S

    Help with first pc build Are there any changes I can make for a cheaper build? Its my first one. Shooting for 1440p but Im now starting to think of going for 1080.
  14. Johnny5

    Gift Guide for the Programmer

    Programmers rely on logic and a core set of tools for their work. They are more interested in the bounce of their keyboard keys than any flashy gizmo. Minimally designed with a focus on utility, these gifts will get the programmer in your life plugged in, connected and focused at the task at...
  15. B

    120mm case fans

    Looking for fairly cheap but effective 120mm case fans. Thanks!
  16. C

    Newbie Building A Gaming PC for 13 y/o daughter

    I’m pulling my hair out over what decisions to make as I try to save money modifying my daughter’s existing PC. I am on a super tight budget. She has an Acer Aspire X1930 that I have already modified a bit b/c it crashed last year. Current Specs: Motherboard: Intel H61 Express Chipset...
  17. A

    Laptop won't accept a charger

    When I plug in the charger to my HP laptop, I get a notification that reads "The Smart AC Adapter is not functioning correctly". I have tested another adapter and have gotten the same result. I took the battery out to try to run it directly from the AC adapter and the power button lights up for...
  18. T

    Individual PC has slow DL speed vs all other devices in house

    My ISP (Comcast) provides me with a 75 Mbps connection ( often yields 88-89 Mbps). I am using an Apple Airport Extreme router with a ARRIS SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem (SB6141) modem. All of my devices in the house are properly downloading around this speed, except a certain PC...
  19. A

    Can i upgrade my Dell inspiron 15 (3551) to 8 gb ram

    I have a laptop dell insprion 15 (3551) 4gb ram ddr3l Intel celeron n2840 2.16ghz up to torbo 2.58ghz Intel HD grapichs Windows 10 pro I can upgrade it to 8gb ram ddr3l 1333mhz or much?
  20. L

    ASUS Z87-K AI suite 3 Windows 10

    Hi guys, ASUS Z87-K running windows 10 64 bit. AI Suite 3 Had the only BSOD on here since i had this computer from 2013. Once i force restarted it hanging on BSOD for 2 hours - AI suite 3 errors popped up and it wouldnt start so i uninstalled it. Dug out the package that came with the computer...