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  1. J

    Question Does the router matter when using wired connection ?

    Hello, I have a Question regarding routers, as I am considering to buy a new one. I currently have my ISP's router which is a HUAWEI B528s-23a. The router is a Plug&Play kinda model, where i just insert the SIM-Card and plug it into the Power outlet of my wall. My current Data Plan is 40Mbit/s...
  2. Question Laptop Destroyed, SSD intact. How to recover data?

    My Dad dropped my laptop, resulting in the computer completely being snapped in two. I’m unsure how to recover the data, as I have no experience with SSD’s.
  3. M

    Question Safest and best way to transfer HDD data to SSD

    I just got an external SSD for my laptop and I'm trying to transfer all HDD data from the laptop, into the new SSD so windows will be faster. What is the easiest and best way to do this, because downloading shady programs to help worries me, and I want to have the most safe and secure way to...
  4. [SOLVED] Can't connect my PC to the internet through the LAN port.

    Hi, Recently my pc couldn't connect to the internet through the LAN connection to my router (Archer C6). Then I troubleshoot this problem, later it shows me that there is no driver! Later I went to the device manager to check if the driver issue. But I couldn't find the driver I had to...
  5. FurriestFerret

    [SOLVED] Local Storage and Backup Solution to Avoid Data Corruption

    Hello, For years I have improvised my own backup "system" to protect my data. I would rather my car fall into a volcano than loose the 700ish GB of data on my main SSD. Can you answer my questions about how data works and give me some advice? For some background, I exclusively use a laptop and...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] How to transfer Windows and should you partition SDD?

    I'm sorry if this is a wrong forum but I can't google anymore. Please help me. I need explanation for dummies. I'm probably smart enough (IQ-wise) to follow detailed instructions, but I don't understand anything about how anything works. I have a 5 years old laptop with a HDD disk. I never used...
  7. Question Help with DDRescue

    Hi, I happen to have a 500GB HDD that won't open properly. It is detectable both under Windows and Ubuntu. So, I decided to follow the most common guide I found online, back it up. I use DDRescue to clone/copy whatever is possible to a 4TB HDD. After running it for 2d 22h 24m, the process...
  8. P

    Question Google Sheets Help - Countif Function not working with Data Validation

    Hi all, I am creating an absent tracker for my department and have stumbled across an issue. I would like to keep track of the total amount of sick leave, dependency leave and compassionate leave days for the year. I would also like to include half days (AM/PM). I have tried the following...
  9. S

    Question SSD won't boot and unrecognised

    My SSD became very slow one day then after a few days stopped working all together. Now when I try boot I am forever taken to the bios. My disk does not show under the bios however other drives do. I have tried other sata cables to no avail. If I boot the pc using another drive that has windows...
  10. jayplzno

    [SOLVED] Is USB tethering using my 5gb of hotspot or my "unlimited" data?

    Hey so im in a <Mod Edit> house rn and my parents took the wifi away. So i went out and upgraded my data plan to an "unlimited" data plan + 5gb of hotspot from net10/tracfone, and it gets the job done for 50$ a month and im happy, thing is, i have a laptop as well and today i found out about the...
  11. P

    [SOLVED] 0x80042453 error when installing windows

    Hello there , While I was working with my laptop , It suddenly turned off then I tried to turn it on , I realize that windows cannot be loaded and it keeps saying "no boot sector on internal hard drive" , I tried to install windows but it was unsuccessful at selecting and making new partition ...
  12. P

    [SOLVED] Cloned Drive Data Missing

    I used Aomei Backupper Standard 6.4 Free version to clone my XPG M.2 PCIE SSD 1TB to my external Seagate Hard drive 7 TB. Once cloning was complete, I noticed an issue with partition 3. The data size of partition 3 for the source is 653.97 GB, whereas the data size of partition 3 for the clone...
  13. antonis mark

    [SOLVED] transferring my installation to a new PC

    hi, I am building my new PC after many years but I would like to know if I can move my whole installation of windows to this new PC (of course I don't care if windows get deactivated) I also know that I can just do a clean installation but I have a lot of unused software, old games and their...
  14. J

    [SOLVED] Internal HDD unallocated after installion in new PC

    I recently upgraded my PC and with this did a fresh install of windows. I wanted to temporarly connect my old HDD's to transfer the data over to the new m.2 that I have, but the HDD isn't showing in the file explorer. It is however showing up in disk management but as "unallocated". I have...
  15. xslabs.sai

    [SOLVED] Need to transfer the boot drive from 120gb SSD to 512gb SSD, only have 1 m.2 slot. How do I go about migrating the whole OS?

    Basically I have 120gb SSD installed in my m.2 slot, and I want to migrate my whole OS and boot drive to a new 512gb SSD. I do have another disk to transfer the contents. How do I transfer all my data along with boot drive to my new SSD without creating partitions and such? Any help is...
  16. E

    [SOLVED] Regarding Microsoft Sharepoint Workspace and upload of data

    Hello everyone I have Office 2010 package When i: Right click on folder Sync of shared folder When I press “Yes”, and the login / create user window appears, then GROOVE.exe (Office) uploads / sends data in the range of 15 byte/s - 600 byte/s What is this data being sent / uploaded? Is it the...
  17. Noobugandu

    [SOLVED] I have a simple question. Can shift deleted videos be restored on a laptop?

    Many months back. I deleted a bunch of videos in a folder deep inside my laptop. I no longer remember the folder. Can these videos be restored, maybe using a software? It doesn't have to be good quality. As long as I can see the filenames, I'm ok. But if it is fully recoverable that would be great.
  18. Question SSD deleted everything after a shutdown.

    So, I was playing with my PC the other day then I shut it down, I came back after a while to get surprised by an error "boot device not found" or something like that. I ran the dispart>list disk command using Windows installation on a USD flash drive and I found that the SSD is empty and the...
  19. L

    Question SSD Intenso 256 gb not recognize - SATAFIRM S11

    Hi, I own an intenso 256 gb 2,5 SSD. it is not recognized from pc and appear like SATAFIRM S11. Is there a tool to repair firmware phison ps3111-s11 and recovery all data? Thank you very mouch.
  20. Y

    Question How can i check my work account data, Microsoft Business Account

    Hey, I will keep it short and get straight to the point, i would like to view my data which are being collected just like i can see on my personal Microsoft account through this website It works fine to check my personal account data associated with it...
  21. velocci

    Question Lost folder in QNAP TS-653D NAS

    Hi, anyone have a QNAP NAS? I recently bought my TS-653D. I have 2 Storage Pools, Storage Pool 1 and Storage Pool 2. Storage Pool 1 has my Config volume which is the system volume containing my apps. Storage Pool 2 has my Data volume containing my data. Inside my Data volume, I had a multimedia...
  22. B

    Question Recover data from formatted disk

    Hi everyone, I had to formatted a HDD with the W10 installation tool (the partition where it was already installed) because the OS crashed. Is there any program that can actually find/recover files from desktop/documents/etc? I've tried these three already EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro...
  23. velocci

    Question Storage Strategy - opinions

    Hi all, I'm thinking of buying a NAS to store my data of varying importance. What do you think of this strategy, I would buy a NAS with 5 bays for example. I would use 3 or 4 of the bays in a raid 5 configuration and when money allows I would put a large hardrive in the last bay and keep a...
  24. hazardtyme

    [SOLVED] Transferring data off a Windows 7 HDD to be used on a Windows 10 HDD

    I have an old Windows 7 computer that collects dust in the closet, but it has a bunch of old files and programs that I don't want to get rid of. My girlfriend says it's an eyesore and has to go, so I'm now tasked with getting all my precious stuff off of it. Now, I would just go through...
  25. M

    [SOLVED] Wrong voltage on SSD - Can I recover the data?

    Yesterday I plugged the drive in my SSD when I wanted to transfer some important files to the server, but I accidentally turned the connector the wrong way. When I did it, some smoke with terrible smell came out. I disconnected it immediately, but it was too late. It is dead now. Later I opened...
  26. A

    Question Forensics - How to create a Phone's Image, to use it in Forensics.

    How can I create a Phone's storage Image, so that I can use it in conjunction with Forensics software to do things? Do you have any Software recommendations? (For Image Creation and Forensics) I want to try out some things regarding Forensics, any tips are welcome! Thank you.
  27. S

    [SOLVED] Data in SSD being corrupted

    Hi, I bought ADATA SU650 960GB SSD as my Storage device, I installed a fresh copy of Windows 10, but its giving warning and asking me to repair disk. I repaired the disk after that I started getting errors in my game 'Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019' and it asked me to re-download the game as...
  28. _fishp0cket

    [SOLVED] Moving dual boot partitions safely?

    So my current storage situation is a bit of a problem. My current main boot drive was originally a storage drive, that at some point I installed a very slim Windows system to in a small partition (50GB) part way through the drive and between 2 storage partitions I resized to fit it between. Poor...
  29. K

    [SOLVED] Accidentally erased data creating a RAID5

    Hello there! First of all, I'm very noob with RAID. I wanted to create a RAID 5 with 3 hard drives. I had 2 of them with data (2TB and 4TB). I bought another one of 8TB and I thought of creating a RAID5 through BIOS. I didn't know that RAID will delete all my existing data and I went ahead and...
  30. A

    Question Broken phone data recovery?

    I have a huawei p20 pro that has a completely broken screen, I need to get the photos off of it or use huawei phone clone but that isn’t as important. I got an otg connector and plugged the phone into a monitor and used a mouse it worked but the display would cut out every few seconds, any idea...
  31. T

    [SOLVED] How to separate wifi and ethernet in windows 10

    Hi. I want to connect to my wifi and ethernet at the same time. I know this is possible so that's not my problem. I want to know if it's possible to make windows use them separately. for example, I want my IDM to use the wifi while steam uses the ethernet connection. How to do that? I am asking...
  32. J

    [SOLVED] Central Storage Device

    Hey Guys! I have got a question here. Actually I want to make a central location of data storage. What I mean by that is, I want to store data such as photos, movies, documents, etc. in one place and from where I can access it from all the computers in my home like a server kinda! Please tell me...
  33. M

    Question Recover data from an unallocated SSD after it was unplugged.

    Hi all, Thanks in advance. Please point me in the direction if you know of a solution else where. I was under the impression my motherboard allowed me to hot swap my SSD drives, I needed to get some information off another SSD and just went ahead and swapped out a storage drive, after the deed...
  34. wabale97

    [SOLVED] Is there any software for windows to hold data with password protection?

    For now, I have a separate disk partition with BitLocker but it makes people curious as it visible directly in file explorer. Is there any software/program for doing the same job. Like a digital vault. Which will stay hidden among 100's of other things installed on the pc? Mod edit: OS = Windows 10
  35. E

    Question SSD priortizing blocks?

    Hello everyone! My SSD holds block with data in use and not in use. I have not activated the TRIM function. I know that SSD’s only can write to empty blocks, and therefore have to read the block, copy the block, and then write the whole block + the additional data. Example with 250 GB SSD: 200...
  36. E

    [SOLVED] When highlighting filename, is data being written to disk?

    Hello everyone I have my Windows in danish, so I hope, I use the correct terms and names. When I do the following with an image-file: Right click on the file, press “change name / rename”, or left double click, so the name gets highlighted, and then left click with the mouse outside of the...
  37. E

    Question How fast is my file being written to my SSD?

    Hello everyone I was wondering, how long it takes, from when I push “save” in MS Paint to a PNG file is written to my SSD. The filesize is approxmatily 7 kilobytes. The file is being written to a “full” / “used” SSD, by that I mean, the SSD reads the “free” block into memory, then adds the new...
  38. Teekiii

    [SOLVED] How to measure my router data consumption ?

    Hello everyone, I'm gonna make this question very clear for you so you can help me in the most beneficial way, What I want : Measure or calculate my data consumption running through my router and where does it go to every device on my network. Why? : Because basically I think I'm getting...
  39. Chief121

    [SOLVED] Xfinity & Data Usage

    Got a legitimate message in browser from Xfinity saying I had 45gb left of the month. 15-20 minutes later of just browsing and a discord call, got another message telling me I used 100% of my data and I gave 0gb remaining for the month. Any idea of what could be causing this? Second time its...
  40. N

    [SOLVED] Using old HDD drive without wiping in new pc as 2nd HDD

    So I have 2 old system (1 Acer, 1 Dell) and I'm planning to build 1 PC to house all the data on the drive in one place so less space needed and consume less power. The new pc will be boot out of an ssd and I want to use the 2 hdd out of the 2 system as the media storage without wiping anything...