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    VGA connection to HD monitor issue

    I have a Samsung monitor that only has a VGA port. The issue with that is that the monitor, though it supports 1080x1920, looks like trash. Is there anything I can do to switch from VGA? Buying an HDMI or DVI adapter wouldnt change anything since its still starting VGA right?
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    future proof system upgrade: i5 7600k or ryzen 5 1600x??

    i know this question has been asked quite a bit since the ryzen 5 release and ryzen was looking to be a better value option with more cores/threads but with a current cashback offer of ~£70/80 off asus mobos with intel cpus i'm now pretty torn. intel route would probably be about £50 cheaper...
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    Which AMD CPUs have built-in TPM, equivalent to Intel's TXT?

    Hello. I know the newer Intel CPUs with TXT function have a built in TPM, are there any equivalent in AMD? Thanks.
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    Recommended (budget) Ryzen build for programming

    Hi, I'm planning to build a Ryzen desktop, which will be used (mainly) for programming, editing and little of gaming. It would be appreciated if someone could recommend a budget build. :) Currently I use Visual Studio and Sql for programming, but I'm planning to learn Python as well. Adobe...
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    Lenovo ideapad 110s keyboard/touchpad not working.

    Hey, the touchpad and keyboard on my laptop just quit working out of the blue. It wasn't dropped, nothing had been spilt on it. I hadn't installed any kind of updates or changed anything. I can't even boot into system startup. I can plug in an external mouse and keyboard and they both work fine...
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    M.2 samsung 960 evo 256 slow random 4k iops

    Hey Guys, i did build a new computer the configuration is : CPU : I7 7700k MB: gigabyte z270n wifi RAM: 1X16 at 3000 but xmp is not enable and is working at 2133 M.2: Samsung 960 evo 256g VIDEO: 1060 Everything is working perfect but the only problem is that when i run any SSD test the results...
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    New Router, Same Speeds

    So, I recently bought a new Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 Dual Band Router and 100 feet of Cat6 cable. My old wireless internet speeds were a blistering 450kbps (I know, fast right?), but when I connected my router and all that jazz, nothing changed. I even connected my router to my modem and...
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    1440p Monitor, at least 100hz, cheap as possible

    I am looking for a cheap 2k 100hz or more monitor. Don't have a certain price range just wanted to get a general idea of how cheap they could be. Thank you
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    Bought new DDR3 ram, can't get past bios logo

    Hello everyone, specs first: PSU: EVGA 600W Plus White MOBO: P7P55D-LE CPU: i3 530 VGA Card: Gigabyte RX 460 2 GB HDD: 500GB Samsung Sata 2 / SSD: 120 GB Sandisk Plus (also working on Sata 2) OS: Win 8.1 Pro 64 bits HWinfo Old ram: 2x 2GB DDR3 1333MHz Markvision Slot 1 / Slot 3 New ram: 2x...
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    Call of duty black ops 1 lag.

    My pc specs are better than recommended requirements for playing it, but i'm not able to play it lag free. My pc specs:- Intel core 2 duo processor 3.0 Ghz E6400. 4 GB DDR2 RAM. Asus Strix Nvidia Gtx 960 2 GB Graphics Card.
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    Need a i7-3820 cpu 3.60ghz Upgrade Suggestion

    Need to replace my i7-3820 cpu 3.60ghz with a newer upgrade. CPU maxing out at 100% loading a webpage and struggling on all games. CPU is 5+ years old.
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    BIOS update required for Devil's Canyon?

    Hi! I just got an MSI Z97 Gaming 5 for my Intel Core i5 4690K. When I try turning on the computer , nothing appears on the screen. I've looked only and some people said that Z97 motherboards need a BIOS update to be compatible with Devil's Canyon CPUs. Do you think that's the case with this...
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    what is a good voltage for the intel core i7 7700k at 4.8ghz?

    I already overclocked my cpu to 4.6 ghz but im not sure if the voltage will be enough to push to 4.8ghz? The current cpu voltage is at 1.320
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    URGENT: How do I update my friend's bios if there's no display?

    Alright my friend built a PC and paired a B150 motherboard with a kaby lake i3 7100 CPU and when he tries booting the PC everything works except the display. We know this is a bios issue because I used my old motherboard and CPU with his PSU and same GPU and the display worked. How do we...
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    Computer shutdown randomly and won't turn back on

    The title says most of it I was playing modern warfare 3 and suddenly my computer clicked off.. I touched the CPU and GPU but nothing was very hot at all. This made me think it was the power supply but the lights on the mother bored still glow but the PC will not turn back on .. please help...
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    EVGA 1070 SC vs FTW

    I can't decide between the 1070 SC or the FTW can anyone help me? I don't really plan on overclocking.
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    GALAX GeForce® GTX 1070 EX or gtx 1070 rog strix?

    GALAX GeForce® GTX 1070 EX or gtx 1070 asus rog strix?
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    New Build for GTX 1070 (Motherboard/CPU/RAM)

    About 6 months ago decided to upgrade my factory PC with a new GPU and since it was the first time I got in contact with single components I informed myself on how everything works together and where bottlenecks might result. So the result is, that I got a KFA2 GeForce GTX 1070 EX and a new...
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    Looking for help picking my new gaming pc.

    Hi I'm looking to buy a pre built pc I have a few I have in mind, for this post I will reference to them as : A https://www.scan.co.uk/3xs/configurator/x99-carbon-ti B https://www.scan.co.uk/3xs/configurator/z170-vengeance-ti Budget is 2.5k gbp max can build but would prefer not to. What I...
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    Beeping/Clicking sounds on new HDD

    Hello, I recently bought a Toshiba p300 3tb hdd as a secondary disk for games storage mostly. I couldn't make it to show up in bios/uefi and it was making a weird clicking and beeping sound as if the head was stuck so I returned it and they gave me another one which I did manage to install it...