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  1. mvk7

    Question LGE50(ED500) laptop 2gb+2gb ram combination not working but works on 2gb+1gb ram

    Hi, My old LGE50(ED500) laptop used to run on 2GB(1+1) DDR2 rams of 667Mhz individually. I tried upgrading to 4gb(2+2) of both 800Mhz speed. But the combination doesn't work. i get horizontal lines on screen at starting of LG logo and freezes there. I tried with 2gb(800Mhz) in second slot...
  2. AskenLurom

    [SOLVED] DDR2 RAM recommended by manufacturer... incompatible?

    Good afternoon. I'm currently using a Desktop Computer with a motherboard Lenovo L-IG41M Rev. 1.0. I had planned to upgrade my RAM as I have only 2 GB installed. So I decided to check which RAM I should buy. As it's a second-hand motherboard (I mean: bought in internet to replace another...
  3. Q

    Question Ram compatibility

    Can this kit run on a g31m-es2c? https://www.ebay.com/c/916380927?iid=113881000530
  4. T

    Question 4GB DDR2 RAM Stick

    Hello, Would anyone here happen to know a place to find some 4GB DDR2 800MHz stick for a decent price? I'm not really finding any good deals, and the ones I do find say they're AMD only or are for servers. I'm building a Core 2 Quad Q9650 build (not my main system) and I am using the Foxconn...
  5. noshard

    Question Please help wont boot in 4x ram slots

    Specs Q6600 processor Intel D975XBX2 mother board Transcend 2gb x 4 rams ddr2 800 identical ( kit ) Story : PC was working fine 8gbs ram no issues for years . Two weeks ago turned on pc message ( ram not equal to channel A ) PC booted Next day no boot Test all ram sticks 1 by 1 works PC...