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  1. S

    Question RAM upgrading in Asrock-G41M-VS3 motherboard-Black screen during startup

    Hi My desktop motherboard is Asrock G41M-VS3 (http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/G41M-VS3/) I have to use heavy ram hungry software i.g. Matlab or other simulation software's. The problem is ,I have previously installed a Dynet- DDR3-4GB 2R8 PC3-10600U-9-10-B0 RAM. I have purchased a new...
  2. G

    Question Windows won't boot after changing ram

    I have an Elpida 4GB 2Rx8 PC3-10600S-9-10-F2 DDR3 and 1333MHz. I want to change my laptop's previous RAM which is a Samsung 2GB 1Rx16 PC3L-12800S-11-13-C3 DDR3 and 1333MHz as well. However, whenever I do that, windows won't boot up. The mother board is an ACLU9/ACLU0 NM-A311. I don't get what...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] PC stuck in reboot loop when single RAM stick inserted

    Hi all, I have a system with 20gb of RAM (two 8GB sticks and two 2GB sticks). Just recently I figured out my 8GB sticks are faster than my 2GB sticks, so the net speed is slowed from 1866 to 1333 MHz. Therefore I want to only use the two 8GB sticks in dual mode. When I try to run my PC with...
  4. I

    [SOLVED] Weird random freezes

    This is probably the weirdest problem I have come accross. I am unable to diagnose the faulty part even after hours of testing. First of all.. my specs are as follows: CPU: i3 530 dGPU: None Mobo: Intel DH55TC RAM: SK Hynix DDR3 1333Mhz 4GB Dual Channel PSU: Frontech 450w HDD: 160 GB Toshiba...
  5. D

    [SOLVED] Hello Guys

    this are the supported RAMs <--- link to the supported rams .. I have a motherboard P6T SE with 6 dimm slots I have 2x4gb sticks of ram DDR3 10600u (Unbufered) Does adding a 1x8gb Stick with higher frenquency will cause any problems ..so i can go with 1x8 and 2x4 memmory =16GB of ran...
  6. P

    [SOLVED] 4x4gb ram what channel should i have?

    I have 16gb ram -> 4x4 and it says i have dual channel is it normal?
  7. ethan206

    [SOLVED] Does my laptop support 16GB of RAM?

    I have a Dell Latitude E6520 with 8GB of 1333MHz DDR3 RAM and I want to put in 16GB of RAM in it. I recently upgraded my CPU from a i7 2640M to an i7 2760QM and while both do support 16GB of RAM, the i7 2760QM supports it at a higher clock of 1600MHz. So my first question is if my CPU supports...
  8. S

    Question why cant i get dual channel to enable

    cant get full 16gb of ram cant get pc to go into dual channel last i checked my mobo could do dual channel on the specs ..... cpu A6-6400k 3.9 GHz ram- is ddr3 16GB (2x8gb ddr3 sticks 1333Mhz) mobo- A68HM-P33
  9. M

    Question 2GB 1333 + 4GB 1600 vs. 4GB 1600

    My computer is currently running a DDR3 2GB 1333 ram. I am planning to add/replace it with a DDR3 4GB 1600. Should I set it up with a total of 6GB but runs at 1333 or 4GB that runs at 1600? Also my computer is Acer Aspire M3970.
  10. arizonapradana

    Question 4GB DDR3 RAM for G41MT-S2PT Motherboard

    Hello, its my first post, i want to ask i have a budget setup: Motherboard GA-G41MT-S2PT 333/1066/800 MHz FSB C2Q9550 2.83 Ghz RAM 4GB DDR3 PC12800 (Brand: Smart Memory) VGA HD 7730 2GB DDR5 today i got my package from internet ( 1x4GB DDR3 Corsair Value Select CMV4GX3M1A1600C11) and i put it...
  11. A

    Question Memory. I need info for bios 9 9 9 32 Hynix 1333Mhz 10600r ECC

    Hi guys, with my system, my ram gets too hot sometimes and I wanna set them to stock or lower than Cl9 does anyone know all the settings in the bios like 9 9 9 32 etc... 1T/1N? specs are Hynix 1333Mhz Cl9 10600r ECC , it's server ram.
  12. mysteryinf

    Question Gpu fan work but no display

    My gtx 650 work last time and now its has no POST when i change my motherboard. I try my old gt 210 and it works ,but when i try gtx 650 again, no POST. I think is not a psu prob cuz im using 600w. -best regard-
  13. EnricoLuis

    [SOLVED] Adding a Generic Ram with my old KingstonValue RAM (KVR13N9S8)

    Generic Ram Specs:. Type: 240-Pin DDR3 1333 Only compatible with for AMD. Pin Number is 240 pin. Bandwidth is PC3-10600. Specification: Model: DDR3 Memory Frequency: 1333MHz Memory Capacity: 4G Compatible: for AMD only Bandwidth: PC3-10600 Voltage: 1.5V Pin Number: 240pin The Specs of my...
  14. T

    Question What RAM do I have?

    Hi, kinda new here. Anyways, I have a dell optiplex 790 SFF case as seen here: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqlU3aRAf6c and I was wondering what type of RAM i have, the only thing I know is that it's DDR3, (I THINK) it's 1333mhz and it's a single channel (is that what you call it...
  15. B

    Question Suggestions to make my pc vr ready?

    Currently I have an AMD FX 6300 and a GTX 960 graphics card. I also have a SSHD with 1TB and 24 GB of ram. I don't want to spend too much more on my pc, or I want to sell my parts as well. I don't know how to sell parts that well. Could somebody guide me as to how I would upgrade my pc in the...