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  1. Iver Hicarte

    Question Is there Significant Performance loss if 2400MHZ DDR4 RAM Speed for Ryzen 5000 Series CPU's is being used?

    Greetings! I am going to be upgrading my system to a Ryzen 5000 series CPU, particularly the 5800x or the 5900x (Can't really decide yet because both CPU's are just too good, though I'm an editor so there's a strong chance I'll be getting the 5900x). I did my research and I know that Ryzen...
  2. awesomesoccerfan

    Question 2 Identical RAM sticks randomly being incompatible and showing BSOD

    Hey, So ever since (May 2020) I bought my 2nd stick of 8GB G-Skill 2400Mhz Ram module with the same Latency and timing values and frequency as the first one I've been randomly getting BSOD. This problem has become such a nuisance that I can barely stay on windows for longer than a few mins...
  3. Carrymepls

    [SOLVED] Suggestion for upgrading RAM(Rgb)

    Hi, I am currently using Corsair DDR4 lpx2400 8gb. my motherboard: Gigabyte AB350 -gaming3 mainly looking to upgrade frequency first, like 3000hz or 3200hz,but i am confused what to do. i want to go for dual channel this time but i do not want to stick with 2400hz ,need to upgrade. so i made two...
  4. iShoTz

    Question About cpu and ram

    My motherboard is H110m-r and running with g4560 which is 7th gen at 2400mhz ddr4 ram also (can see speed from task manager) i want to upgrade to i5 6500 which is 6th gen, will my ram be limited to 2133mhz or stay at 2400mhz?
  5. CharlieChains

    Discussion Help Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2400MHZ OC

    Hi Guys, First time around here, Im getting sick of trying to find out which is the die manufacturer of my ram, just to check if I can push the memory frecuencies a little bit. And what type of overclock could be done. View: https://imgur.com/jOObiey View: https://imgur.com/NUJTDyY View...
  6. H

    Question Random crashes with 2x8gb - Stable with 1x8GB - Ryzen 5 2600

    Ryzen 5 2600 ASUS Prime B450 Plus G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 2400 Model F4-2400C15D-16GVR RX560 2gb Corsair 430W When both memory modules are installed the system randomly crashes (black screen). Crashes are random and always occur well after system start. Sometimes an hour...