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  1. raycey345

    Question Crucial DDR5 4800 ram stuck at 2400mhz, i can't find the problem?

    Hi. Before i say anything, here's my specs: Asus gaming wifi z790i i7 12700kf 1TB WD SN850X M.2 Crucial RAM CT2K32G48C40U5 64GB Kit (2x32GB) DDR5 4800MHz ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So yesterday i got my new pc build up...
  2. K

    [SOLVED] my motherboard says it takes DDR5 6400 ram, would DDR5 4800 cause memory problems?

    Just built a new computer and it keeps restarting. Finally got windows 11 to tell me it's a memory problem. I've tried each stick (I have 4 sticks of 32GB DDR5 4800 corsairs vengeance(ik WAY TOO MUCH but I felt like it)) on its own and windows 11 always crashes.