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  1. Question Help with DDRescue

    Hi, I happen to have a 500GB HDD that won't open properly. It is detectable both under Windows and Ubuntu. So, I decided to follow the most common guide I found online, back it up. I use DDRescue to clone/copy whatever is possible to a 4TB HDD. After running it for 2d 22h 24m, the process...
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    [SOLVED] DDRESCUE-GUI bad sectors

    Hey, I'm having trouble with my 2tb hard disk, whenever I plug it into any windows system, it freezes everything, even If it's connected while booting.. system just keeps loading forever. It's fine with any Linux based system, I can even open my files, and now I knew about parted magic and...
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    Frankensteining a pc - 2000$

    hello all! i have finally made the decision to build my own pc. Since ive always been a console guy, i guess im just looking to see if i need to make any improvements without destroying my already OVER budget build. This does include my peripherals, as that is a cost of a "build", idk why people...
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    I have a new open HP still in box it's new how much can I sell it for and where?

    I have a omen HP 15.6" new in box 999$ after tax like 1100$ never used how much can I sell it for and where