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  1. N

    Question Confused on Setting up the proper VPN Network for my home

    So I have a desktop, a few wireless devices (typically 3), Roku and Firestick connected to a non-smart TV. I want to have them running under a VPN network via NordVPN. How to go about this is where my confusion lies. Setting up NordVPN on my phone or the desktop appears simple via the apps...
  2. Petrovics95

    Question Broadcast port forwarding for WOL with a secondary DDWRT router

    Hi guys, so here is what I am trying to do, I would appreciate some advice, because I am not an expert in networking. I am configuring WOL for my PC, so that can be waked from outside of local network. What I've learnt so far, that this requires broadcast port forwarding. I have a modem+router...
  3. M

    Question vpn on preinstalled ddwrt router

    if i were to purchase a preinstalled ddwrt router do i still have to subscribe to a vpn service in order to use vpn on the ddwrt router? I don't want to spent almost $200 on a preinstalled ddwrt if I still have to pay to use some of the features.
  4. H

    Need to know if my PC uses FB DIMMS

    I need to replace my PSU so I am using http:// to help me figure out which one would be best for my PC. There is a question asking if my RAM uses FB DIMM technology, and I don't really know anything about FB DIMMs or whether or not my RAM uses them. The Performance tab under task manager says...
  5. H

    Graphic card Power supply

    guys if i upgrade my power supply will it prevent my GPU from burning i had some company called infinity power supply 400w and GPU Nvidia gtx 650 1gb and when i turned on my computer just after my brother shut down the system i quickly started the computer and the GPU got burned =( so now i have...
  6. D

    my pc won't boot plz help asap!

    Hi guys so somethings missed up wit pc I updated it it last night and it won't go to windows do any of you have any ideas?
  7. V

    Question about HP System Locked Pre-installation OEM

    I have a server it runs windows 7 like a dream, but I must've bought a counterfeit because the key no longer works. The server never came with any COA, as it was a retired military server. So I guess it is customary for them to remove all COA stickers. Which I know they would not have had...