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    Question GPU (msi 1080 x) PCI-E 6 pin shorts computer

    Hello all, I recently ran into a problem with my computer where every time I turn it on it almost immediately shuts off. The lights will flash on and then off again. It is not a problem with the motherboard as the PCI-EX slots are A-OK. Unfortunately, I noticed that whenever the 6 pin PCI-E...
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    Question code 43

    I have built a pc with the following specs: i7-8700k 16 gb gskill ripjaw ram MSI mpg z390 gaming carbon pro AC Originally had GeForce gtx 980 currently has GeForce gtx 1660 originally tried windows 10 pro 1903 currently running windows 10 home 1903 Originally I had the 980 in with 10 pro...
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    Question GPU dead after changing MB ???

    So yesterday I decided to change my MB completely (with all the, CPU, GPU, PSU, ram and other things).. So I firstly replaced my CPU on MB to see if it will work, I did, saw that it is working for 2-3 sec and I shut down my computer... Then I have replaced GPU, PSU, Ram, basically everything is...
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    What motherboard would fit best with the i5 6600K

    Which motherboard would be best to use with I5 6600K and DDR4... I was looking at Asus Z170 Pro Gaming, but then some say they'd prefer MOBO's from Asrock,Gigabyte... So is there any better motherboard that is around the same price as the Asus Pro Gaming? I'll be using it mostly for gaming
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    Windows won't start normally, only in safe mode

    Hello I'm having trouble getting Windows 7 to start normally. Whenever I power on the computer and let Windows start it hangs at the Windows loading screen. There are no error messages, it just freezes. I can boot into Safe Mode just fine, I'm using Safe Mode with networking right now. I've...