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  1. SPIDER3

    Question My asus rog swift pg278q is acting weird!

    Hi there, I have the rog swift mentioned above since 2017 and it was working like charm. Recently for about 2 months, it’s started to acting weird, it started with that when it goes to standby mode or restarting the PC, it never turns on. I had to unplug and plug back the power jack on the back...
  2. vistagamer6969

    [SOLVED] Weird display problem on laptop

    Hello! I've found about 3 weeks ago my old laptop - fujitsu amilo li 2727 model 2228 - and when I power it on it just displayed a white screen then slowly (about 1-2 minutes) became black. I've plugged it in my monitor thru a VGA to VGA cable and it showed up an error "Cannot display this...