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  1. Z

    Question Did my GPU just die?

    Hi everyone, I have a RTX 2080 I purchased in 2018 that I think may have just died on me. This is still my first GPU so I'm not 100% sure what exactly happened or if my assumption is correct. This morning I decided to launch a game and noticed I was only getting around 1-15 FPS when I would...
  2. M

    Question GPU 12V PCI-e edge connector pads shorted to ground ?

    Hello everyone! Recently, I attempted to power on my XFX GTS RX 580 graphics card. System did not want to power on with it installed. With further testing turns out that first 3 (12V pads) on PCI-e edge connector are shorted to ground. (I will attach picture for better understanding) Is there...
  3. TerraCorbix12345

    Question Gigabyte Gaming RTX 3070 Ti lights up, but fans don't spin and there is no display

    I've tested using a GTX 1050 Ti and it works perfectly fine. However, when I installed this 3070 Ti, the monitor kept displaying "no signal" and the fans don't spin. I also can't detect the device in device manager, and Nvidia software can't pick up this card when attempting to download drivers...
  4. FranciscoCirculo1988

    Question Dead GPU causing Black Screen at Start up

    Hi there, I think my GPU is dead! But I am hoping that maybe someone has an idea to fix this issue that I am experiencing. Whenever I turn on my PC it will instantly go to black screen at start up sometimes to a random solid color depending on the app that is showing on my screen. For example...
  5. B

    Question HELP!! All my games are crashing with my gtx 1080 :(

    So for the last week or so my games keep crashing! I have a Zotac Gtx 1080 8GB running on WIN 10 running the 526.86 now. The games (trying mainly with BF1) open fine and join the server and then play the game on ULTRA settings 1080p 144FPS absolutely fine, great graphics for 5 or so minutes...
  6. Carbzz

    [SOLVED] Is my 3070 Ti dead?

    Starting randomly last night whilst gaming my PC has started crashing.. every time. I've tested with 2 games and run an MSI after burner OC scan and it happens each time. It runs fine when just browsing the web. Both the GPU and PSU are only 6 months old. The only time I don't get the issue is...
  7. H

    Question Dead GPU? (Vega 56)

    In the middle of a R6 match both my monitors lost signal. After I restarted the pc everything was fine until I launched the game and the monitors lost the signal again. The third time restart resulted in the monitors losing signal even without me launching the game. I could still hear sounds...
  8. WeskerEnd

    [SOLVED] Is my GPU dying (or actually 95% dead)? Fail to boot with VGA debug led.

    tl;dr - Motherboard sometimes shows boot error with VGA led (debug LED), and I need to keep power cycling until PC boots properly, and it all seems fine on Windows when it does. Is my GPU dying for sure or could it be something else? This started happening a few days ago, sometimes I power on...
  9. Giant Hunger

    [SOLVED] My GTX 780 capacitor is burned is there a way to fix it?

    So my GTX 780 has a burned capacitor and it doesn't show any signal from the monitor, sometimes it shows a blue screen of death, last time when it work it has artifacts for example like green lines. So i wonder would i be able to fix it? Is there a way like using the heat gun/baking method? Do...
  10. gtts141000

    Question No post after putting bios flashed rx5700 into new system

    I just build a new system with my old rx 5700 i previously flashed to an xt version and now my new system won't post. My setup: cpu: i5 10400f cooled by a corsair h100x gpu: asus blower style rx5700 (flashed to xt) motherboard: asrock b460m itx/ac ram: vengeance pro 16gb 2666mhz psu: corsair...
  11. Ekos

    [SOLVED] Help with repairing STRIX GTX 980

    Hey there, so I got this card and I am determined to fix it, I have a little bit of electronics background but I don't know very much about GPUs. I have soldering equipment, hot air station so if the processor is not dead I think is repairable. I've been trying to measure voltage while the card...
  12. jasonnandu

    [SOLVED] Is my GPU dead?

    My gpu is pretty old ~6 years. About a month ago, my computer started blue screening (WHEA: Uncorrectable Error), about 30 minutes into any video game. Now it’s stopped running any games at all. The moment it starts rendering anything, it crashes. To be clear, whenever a game is loaded, the...
  13. Sammyjo20

    Question PC not displaying anything after Prime95 overnight

    Hey, A couple of nights ago, I overclocked my i5 4690k to 4.2ghz at 1.175v, and it seemed to run great in games, rendering, etc. Last night I decided to run a Prime95 blend test overnight, and I left it running - in the morning I got up, and it was fine, stopped the process and saw the max...
  14. fredude

    Question GPU is recognized by computer but refuses to output image

    Yesterday I had my RX 580 connected to my TV via HDMI (I use it as a monitor) and got a new DVI cable to connect it to a second older monitor I had just to have more space. After I connected it the GPU stopped showing image on both of the screens, and it hasn't shown anything since. A lot of...
  15. A

    Question I have really weird problem with my gpu.

    so recently my Ethernet port stopped working so as a workaround i bought myself a usb to ethernet adapter. well it didn't work with my motherboard. what happened it whichever usb port i connected the adapter now has stopped working. now only 2 front panel usb ports work. it worked fine in laptop...
  16. T

    [SOLVED] Is my 1070 ti dead?

    Pretty sure it is but I thought I might as well ask. Got it off ebay a few months ago - worked fine until Friday where I was playing CSGO and the screen went black (no backlight) and the fans went to 100%. I thought it was because of my overclock so I restarted, turned it off and rebooted to...
  17. W

    Question Killed my GPU with ubuntu Nvida drivers - thoughts on next steps

    All, I have an old clevo P170HM i7 laptop 8GB ram with a Nvidia GT 560M that had Win7 on it. I decided I wanted to install ubuntu 18.04 on it which worked. I then tried to install the nvidia 940 drivers provided by Nvidia rather than the opensource one (I was after being able to use the...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] No signal to monitor. VGA EzDebug light. Is my RX 5700 dead/faulty?

    GPU: AMD RX 5700 PowerColor Red Dragon MOBO: MSi B450 Tomahawk Max CPU: Ryzen R5 3600 RAM: 16GB G.Skill RipJaws V black DDR4-3200 DIMM CL16 Dual Kit PSU: BeQuiet 600W Pure power 11 CM Semi-modular 80+ Gold Storage: Intel 660p 1TB M.2 NVMe Two days ago I built a new PC with the listed...
  19. Javier 29

    [SOLVED] Dead Gpu? Asus Gtx 1080

    I bought this card 2 years ago and it worked very well in this period of time, but the week ago I was powering off my computer ( The thing that I do normally) The next morning I tried to power on my computer and it isn't give any image to my monitor. So I swapped to other graphics card that I...
  20. M

    [SOLVED] Is my MSI GTX 770 4gb dead?

    I purchased a Dell Optiplex 790 MT along with a GTX 770 4gb and a 500 Watt PSU with hopes I could build a decent gaming PC. The power supply didn't have dual 8 pin connectors so I bought a 15 pin SATA to 8 Pin convertor from Amazon. I also used two power supplies, one for the mobo and HDD and...
  21. maxwellkotw

    [SOLVED] Is my Vega 56 dead?

    Hi All, tldr; Lights on gpu but no display, pc boots fine. Display works with the mobo output. I've had my computer in my current config since June, my gpu (Sapphire Pulse Vega 56 OC'ed and flashed w/64 BIOS, got it second hand in June) has always been a little buggy. I have two monitors and...
  22. K

    [SOLVED] Is my GPU dead ... ?

    Before I start writing I want to tell that my laptop is ASUS K550V and my GPU is NVIDIA GEFORCE 950M. I started a benchmark test on my laptop, to see how it is working . And there I saw warning that my Nvidia GPU wasn't detected, so I went to the TASK MANAGER to see if it is true, and there I...
  23. H

    [SOLVED] Is my graphics card dead?

    So few months earlier my computer was running fine and the games were also running very smooth on medium to high settings depending on the games I play (Far cry series or tom clancys). Fast forward to this day i am using the same setup but no games would run more than 2-3 minutes. It would just...
  24. E

    Question Possible to fix a GPU that has come off the PCB?

    So the other day I saw an ad online about a "Dead Zotac 660 Ti" and i thought this could be an easily repairable card. I bought it the next day for like $3 USD. When the GPU arrived I immediately disassemble it and noticed that the GPU came off the PCB. Could it be possibly fixed by any chance...
  25. T

    Question Dead? Asus 1060 gb turbo/Missing info and no output

    got this 1060 for free and had problems with it showing up in device manager but after uninstalling drivers it showed up and i did a bios flash and it gave some more info but not all of the info like normal and drivers can mess with the info as well when drivers are installed the boost ,mem...
  26. E

    Question Gtx 760 went pop and now it doesn't turn on.

    Hey there! I bought this gtx 760 fromm a friend of mine that worked fine, i didn't really use it for much than just seeing how good performance i got for the price, (since it was from a friend) I then tested a system (2700k, p67 sabertooth mobo and some corsair vengeance ram. I didn't really...
  27. stormman34

    Question Really old ISA GPU not working

    So, in my school, me and my teacher are working on a really old model PC. It would be all open and could be taken apart for teaching purposes. We have this Trident graphics card in there but it isn't outputting any video. So my question is: Can this GPU be still functioning and the only problem...
  28. S

    Question Dead gpu ?

    Hi all! I just bought a PALIT GTX 980 Ti 3 days ago... In the first 2 days i noticed something really weird. When i played games after 1-2-3 hours the monitor screens turns black and says "no signal" but the sounds in game still playing! When the screen goes black i can hear the Unplugged...
  29. Nelschnyder

    Question My ram won't reach 3000, don't know what to do on bios.

    I have a AORUS b450 wifi pro mother board and a ryzen 5 1600. I just got a new pair of gskill 16 gig ram and I can't seem to run it on 3000 like it's listed. My task manager stated it's at 2133. I've seen you help a lot of people on their posts so I thought I'd ask you personally
  30. F

    Question Upgraded to rtx 2080 stutter

    I upgraded my gpu from 970 to rttx 2080. Now I have a stutter in every game I play and I didn't before. I have ddu and installed new drivers, Completely installed windows again. I am getting great temps on cpu and gpu . From what I can tell its happening when my cpu hits 100% (I7-9700k) So...
  31. E

    f21 update to f22d is rejected

    I can't revert back before f20. Not really a problem but am I stuck from going any further? After extracting the files from the f22d download I get a message that says "unsupported 16-bit application" from autoexec. Efiflash is the zip file application in with the autooexec file. After both...
  32. S

    Mad Catz Emerges From Bankruptcy

    Mad Catz, a company known for weird but fun (and often expensive) gaming peripherals, is back from bankruptcy. (Insert nine lives pun here.) Mad Catz Emerges From Bankruptcy : Read more
  33. J

    Corsair 460X question about the fans

    This case comes with two fans, one in front and another in the rear for exhaust. Is the speed of these fans controllable by software? If someone had experience with this case please let me know. Thank you very much.