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  1. H

    Question What is the cause of this transparent line on my laptop display?

    I have a Asus Zenbook ProDuo and a transparent line appeared on the screen. I usually keep it connected to another display. The second display does not present the line. I am not 100% sure, but I think the line appeared when I disconnected the HDMI cable. Here is a video: View...
  2. P

    Question Dead and stuck pixels on new monitor

    Hi all - just bought a significant upgrade for my rig, and decided to get a BenQ EX3410R 34” curved monitor to go with it. I was really happy with the purchase, but when it arrived and I tested it, I noticed one dead pixel on the far left, and one stuck (on green) centre top of the monitor. It...
  3. D

    Question Artifact on monitor, disappears in strange conditions

    My monitor is a VIOTEK GN27C2 27” 144Hz, and recently I've noticed a strange artifact/error on my screen. It shows up most on white/gray backgrounds, but disappears when I put my cursor over it... leading me to believe it isn't a dead area and just some sort of software issue. I've never seen...
  4. D

    Question Single Dead Pixel on Brand New LG Ultragear 24GN650 ( even after Replacement )

    I have bought a brand new LG Ultragear 24GN650 from amazon . the monitor which was delivered to me initially had a blue dead pixel and screen bleeding so I got it replaced today in the morning I have received the replacement monitor to my disappointment this one too has a pink dead pixel and...
  5. TerraCorbix12345

    Question Should I return this MSI Optix G273 with a dead pixel on it?

    I purchased an MSI Optix G273 from Costco about a month ago and while it's been doing great so far, I noticed that there was a dead pixel near the upper left-hand corner of the screen (in pics provided). For now, it looks like there's only one dead pixel on the monitor, although there could be...
  6. Oatmealmix

    [SOLVED] What I can do about this dead or stuck pixel (or something else)?

    Hello, have had this monitor for a month now or two (Asus TUF VG258QM). I just noticed this weird green pixel every now and then showing up. At first I thought it was a graphics card issue because it only occasionally showed up, but upon more inspection, there is always a dimmer pixel there if...
  7. I

    Question asus monitor prob dead pixels

    soo i've had a new asus monitor for about a month and one day suddenly not few, but whole ass lines of dead pixels apeared, it covers about 5/8 off my screen, and the intresting things is that its perfect lines, idk should i just get a new display, wait for it to go away or just get a new...
  8. O

    Question Graphics card related dead pixel?

    So basically I have something that looks like a dead pixel on my screen but I believe It's not my monitor since I can literally screenshot it using gyazo or the inbuilt snipping tool, it also disappears when I am in-game. Screenshot -
  9. ianhuysman

    [SOLVED] Dead pixel?

    This weird blck dot appeared on my screen, and it has some black "glow" to it. Here's some pictures I took, one being zoomed in a lot to show each individual pixel. To me it does not look like a pixel that's dead.
  10. InesL

    [SOLVED] Dead Pixel Fix

    Hello, I've spotted a dead (black) spot on my screen. I have a brand new Asus, 2 or 3 months... What should I do? I've tried those seisure inducing videos but it didn't do the trick (probably beacuse this really is a dead, not stuck pixel). Is it worth to send it to the repair? Or is there a...
  11. GhostyFrosty

    Question Faulty pixel on Asus laptop monitor

    I have a faulty pixel on my monitor. The issue is that the pixel lights up as blue on green background, green on blue background and white on black, so probably only the green and blue subpixels are faulty. I have tried using the software for fixing dead pixels, tho 20 minutes of continuous use...
  12. polarsouth

    [SOLVED] Is it a dead pixel?

    My brand new philips monitor has a black dot on upper mid left of the monitor. is it a dead pixel?? or a stuck pixel ?? or a smudge inside the screen?? Should i return it?
  13. Z

    Question Should I bring my Lenovo legion Y530 15" to warranty repair?

    When I bought my laptop there was an dead pixel It wasn't bothered me but recently I noticed that there one bigger and smaller one dead pixels near it. I checked some display warranty stuff but still I am not sure is it legit defect of display. Attaching Picture.
  14. renzufitzu

    Question Can anyone help me determine if this is a dead pixel or an internal crack?

    So I've had a Sony X7007f 55 inch TV for 3 months now. And just two days ago I noticed black spots on my TV. I tried wiping it but it seems that it's inside the TV and not on the surface of the screen. I'm thinking it's an internal crack but it could also be dead pixels. I've never hit the TV...
  15. E

    Question Strange/Unknown pixel issue, bottom left of the monitor

    I have spotted this inconsistency at the bottom left corner of my monitor, it has been there for a while, the strange thing is that it follows the pattern of windows 10's task bar??? (type here to search and a hollow dot with a black outline at it's left) I'm sure it is from the monitor, I have...